Why Cebu, Philippines is An Ultimate Vacation Destination


The Philippines is a southeast asian country that houses a spectacular province – Cebu. Among the spread-out islands and regions of the country, Cebu, which is at the heart of it, has much to offer.

You will never run out of places to go and things to do in Cebu. Truly, this paradise can satisfy you with the best attractions at minimal budget. To maximize you tour experience, you may book with a Cebu tour package.

Here are reasons why you should experience Cebu, Philippines:

1. Cebu has the best beaches.

The Philippines is dubbed as “The Pearl of the Orient Seas”. It consists of multitude of islands – 7, 107 islands. Among this archipelago, Cebu is one that consists of sub-islands. With this, Cebu’s beaches are among the grandest in the world.

The shores are filled with powdery sands. The waters are clear, blue ones. Further, the tropical vibe surrounds the island with coconut and palm trees.

Among the islands with remarkable beaches are Bantayan Island, Sumilon Island, Camotes Island, and Malapascua Island.


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2. Cebu offers varied fun and remarkable activities.

Cebu may not be so large but it is jam-packed with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. As mentioned before, you can go swim and take Instagram-worthy photos from Cebu’s beaches. However, you can also do other things – such as hiking in mountains, canyoneering adventure, snorkeling/diving (and other water activities, such as kayaking), and watching whale sharks.

Osmeña Peak is the highest point of Cebu. The good thing about this hiking trail is you can have an option for a shortcut if you just wish to be on top without much time and hassle spent. In less than 30-minutes, you are able to have a surreal feel while enjoying the breathtaking view of the island.

Further, another sought-after adventure by many is the canyoneering in Badian, Cebu. For a four to five hour traversing on hills, falls, and rivers, you get to experience a thrill like never before. You get to jump off a 35-meter fall. Plus, nature will take your breath away.

In addition, the underwater world of Cebu waters is something that divers look forward to. You can view the bountiful sea creatures and kaleidoscopic corals through your snorkel. Pescador Island in Moalboal, Cebu is a beautiful spot for snorkeling and diving. Also, in a lake called Lake Danao, kayaking and boating are water activities that you can take pleasure in.

Lastly, a popular tourist activity in Cebu is whale watching in Oslob, Cebu. Whale sharks are deemed to be gentle giants which guest can swim with. You can even take a photo using an underwater camera to capture this unique encounter with these friendly humongous animals.

3. Cebu is the 1st ASEAN City of Culture.


Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) recognized Cebu as the culture capital of ASEAN. The festival, Sinulog, which is held every third Sunday of January comprises of colorful dances and parties. These religious dances interpret stories about how Cebu’s patron saint, Sto. Niño delivers people and brings a plentiful harvest.

Further, with western meets oriental influences in Cebu, you can appreciate the hodgepodge of cultures of the place. Because of the history of trade, commerce and colonization, Spanish, American, and Chinese inspirations are felt throughout Cebu.

You can visit unique churches, such as Simala Church and Basilica del Sto. Niño, and witness how Cebuanos worship. Also, for non-Catholics, Cebu Taoist Temple has become one of the tourist attractions.

Moreover, myriads of museums and ancestral homes depicting Cebu’s rich culture and history can be visited within Cebu City.

4. Cebu is inexpensive.

Unlike western countries and even some Asian countries, you can get more value for your money in Cebu.

Entrance fees for tourist attractions only cost less than 1 US dollar. Plus, you can have a full meal at 3 USD.

Other things, like transportation and accommodation, are within your budget as well. With this, you can do more with your travel budget.

5. Cebu’s people can speak English fluently.

If you are a non-Filipino, you need not to worry about communicating in Cebu, Philippines. If you can speak conversational English, you can survive in this place. The people of Cebu (and of the Philippines, in general) use English in schools and in workplaces. That is why they are able to understand and talk using the English language.

Moreover, the signs, billboards, names are in English. Also, the Roman alphabet is adapted in the Philippines.

Final Thought…

When planning for a travel of a lifetime, consider Cebu as your tour destination, and you surely will not regret it!