The Ultimate List of Free Wi-Fi passwords at Airports across the world (200+)

Is there anything more annoying than having to pay for Wi-Fi?

Waiting around the airport for a connecting or delayed flight is sometimes painful, but not having free Wi-Fi could make it a horrific experience. Finding open wireless connection in many airports is not always easy, or possible, without a password. It means you just should be given two things: unlimited Wi-Fi and power source to maintain their battery level up. Staying off-line isn’t as fun when you’ve a couple of hours to kill between flights. Particularly if you are roaming or you do not have sufficient data on your mobile plan.

Nevertheless, not all airports come with free Wi-Fi, as well as several are behind paywalls or have time restrictions. This final list provides user supplied Wi-Fi passwords to get on-line for free by crowdsourcing data, using advice from other travelers across the world. Whenever there is a brand new shared password, we add it to the list. While free Wi-Fi is great, you should also keep in mind that free Wi-Fi is not always secure. So you may consider using a VPN to protect your privacy.


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