19 Ultimate Quotes to Inspire the Traveller in You

1. To discover new oceans, lose sight of the shore.

travel quote discover oceans leave the shore remote life

2. Travel brings a deep change in your idea of living.

travel quote brings deep change in life remote life

3. One learns to enjoy his/her own company while travelling solo.

travel quote love your own company remote life

4. Legendary words of a legendary traveller.

travel quote ibn batuta traveller storyteller remote life

5. To have interesting conversations one needs to meet interesting people.

travel quote interesting deep conversations remote life

6. It’s time you discover yourself.

travel quote discover yourself remote life

7. Invest in experiences, not possessions.

travel quote invest in travelling remote life

8. You understand your home better, when you travel to another.

travel quote keep foot on foreign land to know about yours remote life

9. The great affair is to move. Keep moving.

travel quote keep moving remote life

10. Discover a new world, discover yourself.

travel quote metaphor discover yourself remote life

11. Travel can fix most of today’s problems.

travel quote wrong about other countries remote life

12. He or She, solo travel is awesome!

travel quote alone loner reflects more remote life

13. Go here, go there, go everywhere.

travel quote global maintain edge remote life

14. Start with a few friends, come back with a lot more.

travel quote friends journey remote life

15. People don’t take trips. Trips take people.

travel quote trips high people remote life

16. Travel to acquire knowledge and experience.

travel quote metaphor discover yourself remote life

17. Take only memories, leave only footprints.

travel quote memories footprints remote life

18. Travel makes you appreciate power and love.

travel quote power love deep remote life

19. Still here? What are you waiting for – get going!

travel quote education experience remote life

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