A Comprehensive Guide to Travelling the World by Bike


Experienced bike riders very well know about the joy of riding a bike to visit beautiful places in the world. However, if you are a first-time traveler, you would be bewildered looking at the possibility of the adventure of cycling.

List of Some Amazing Rome Bicycle Tours


A lot of people every year plan to see beautiful places of Rome via bike tour. Some of the amazing guided Rome bike tours offered to people are as follows:

City Center Highlights

This tour can be covered by opting for a top quality electric assist bicycle. The duration of this tour is around four hours. The difficulty level is leisure.

Afternoon City Center

This tour can be covered by opting for a good quality electric assist bicycle. The time period needed to cover this tour is around four hours. The difficulty level is low.

Cover Rome In A Day with Italian Gelato and Lunch

This tour includes electric-assist bikes to make the ride effort-less. . The time period needed to cover this tour is around seven hours. The difficulty level is leisure with e-bike.


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Who Prefers to Travel via Bike?

Bicycle travel can be done individually, or with family, friends, or even with a commercial tour operator. It is a great experience for people of all age groups, locations and backgrounds. Bicycle can prove to be the most attractive and favorite ways of travel.
It is seen to be an adventurous challenge that enables people to explore new cultures and landscapes, develop physical fitness, as well as experience the delight of breathing pure air and come across new people daily.

Do I have the Right Fitness Level to do Bike Touring?

One of the most relieving things for people who are interested in bike touring is that you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this activity. However, it is important to spend a couple of weeks in training on a bicycle prior to the big day of the trip. Experts advise people to set realistic goals depending on their experience, and present health.
Setting achievable goals will help you make the maximum of your ride experience. Now, work your strength to ride the same distance on a daily basis with the same gear that you have planned to travel with.


How to Effectively Train and Prepare Yourself Before Taking the Tour?

If you are an experienced rider who can perform back to back bicycle rides then it implies that you are physically ready for it. Besides the adventure that a bike tour provides you, one of the great pleasures of this travel is that you get progressively better. You get into a better shape once you start to train yourself for this program.

How much Distance Should you Cover in a Day via Bike Riding?

The number of kilometers you cover on your ride is different for a different person. It majorly depends on your entire fitness, personal goals, preferred touring style, and the terrain. A person who has undergone some bicycle-specific training would be physically fit to carry less than twenty pounds of gear on their bicycles. He can easily travel at a speed of 65 miles daily on paved roads.
With the load of 20 pounds to 45 pounds of gear, you can reduce your average speed to 55 miles daily. If you plan to ride on mountainous or flat roads, then the average speed will decrease or increase accordingly. For traveling on mountains, such distances will reduce to half as per the ruggedness of a terrain.
Those who have a good experience in riding a bicycle can easily ride farther. It has been seen that people who are planning to go beyond the above-mentioned average speed are likely to see an increase in the physical challenge on the cost of enjoyment.
Experts advise to take a day rest after every ten days of continuous cycling and don’t carry more than forty-five pounds of gear. It is a good practice to do planning of riding time, and off days to deal with sudden challenges as well as good opportunities effectively.

What Type of Bicycle Would be Ideal for the Use?

There are several different types of bicycles from different brands available in the market that is designed for touring. A few of them are designed specifically for touring or Shopping ,if you love that. Most of the quality bicycles are easy to customize for touring purpose, with the exception of racing bikes as they focus on quick handling and weight savings over comfort and durability. For reliability reasons, road racing bikes are not recommended. Like for instance

Some of the key attributes that you must look in an appropriate bike for touring purpose are a comfortable position to ride, durability and low gears to climb hills easily. The capability to fenders, wide tires (32 mm or more) and mount racks is an added benefit.


The beauty of bike touring is as adventurous or as comfortable as you wish it to be. The above questionnaire would have solved the doubts and curiosity that people have in their mind about bike touring.