Traveling is more than just taking a holiday; it is making an experience. To have the best traveling experience, it goes without question that you will have to make a good plan beforehand. The challenge in that is that there is so many information that you can find out there and it could be a little bit confusing. I always try to get my information from one source to keep it simple, and I have the best recommendation for you. I just had another opportunity to talk with my friends from INSIDR, a friendly start-up based in Paris which could provide you with all of the best information on various holiday destinations in Europe. I will share some of the most interesting ones that I’ve found now for you guys.

What To Do In Paris

Paris always has a certain charm for me. This city is always pictured as a romantic place, rich with culture and delicious foods. Judging from what I’ve read from INSIDR, I dare to say that it was all true! From the infamous Eiffel Tower to the less known off-beaten path museums around town, you will get to do whatever you’d love to with the guides from INSIDR. A river and canal cruise along the Seine admiring the full view of beautiful bridges in Paris could be a nice start. You can also enjoy the afternoon by simply taking a stroll in one of the beautiful parks all around Paris. Paris is a big city with many parks within, and it can bring us to a relaxing atmosphere for a moment after bustling with so many people visiting the main attraction of this city.

Shows In Paris

One of the most interesting articles that I found is one about the best shows in Paris. I didn’t realize how many different kinds of shows there are in the city. From cabaret shows at the Moulin Rouge to comedy shows in English, it seems like there’s truly something for everyone. It was also cool to read about some of the amazing venues that the city has. I like how the article not only introduced some of the best shows in the city but they also included the surrounding restaurants and bars, and also other things that you can do to enjoy the night in Paris. You should definitely check out their guide of things to do at night in Paris if you’re planning a trip to Paris soon!


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Paris Food – More Than Macarons

France is well known as one of the countries that have the best food in the world. So, if you have a plan to visit Paris, don’t forget to bring along a list of must-eat foods in Paris with you, to make sure that you wouldn’t miss anything. You could start by eating French sweets and fulfill the cliché of visiting Paris. Get one of the best croissants in Paris, as this is one of the things that is typically French, and without a doubt, you will get the best one here. Also, don’t forget this little sweet thing: macarons. Of course, you can get the best macarons with many varieties in France and you can enjoy it with your French afternoon tea  so don’t miss to try them. Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied with just eating the macarons, you can also take a macaron class in Paris and try to make it yourself!

After that, get some real food in you. For a full French experience, get brunch at one of the Parisian restaurants at the Paris Latin Quarter. For your next meal, go to one of the restaurants that offer you the best view of the Eiffel Tower. What could be can more beautiful than that? If you have a special diet, you can also find that easily in Paris, based on your requirements, be it vegan foods, gluten-free foods, or halal foods.


Live Like A Local

If you want to get another authentic French experience like a local, you can try to go to the local markets in Paris which will offer you a totally different experience than any other things. Sometimes you can also find some varieties of Paris street food in these markets. Brunch is also another way of having a French meal in a French way, and if I was there it was definitely the thing that I will do. Find the recommendation of the best places to have brunch in Paris with a budget under 20€. It must be a super nice experience!