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We travel not to arrive somewhere but for the excitement of discovering something, meeting people and learning things. We do like clicking pictures but that’s not what travel is all about. For those of us living the remote life, travel is the most natural way to exist. It is the only way to grow and become the best versions of ourselves. It’s a journey inwards. And we realize that like all things worth having, there’s a cost to travel as well. We Travel. We Work. And We Live Anywhere in the World.

We are:






Unique Professions

The Travel Community is a select bunch of people around the world who believe in living a location independent lifestyle. We share stories, make memories and are there for each other.



We believe in an open, transparent, global society where anyone can travel and work from wherever they wish without the invisible boundaries that separate us today. We do our best to make travel convenient, productive and collaborative. Because let’s face it, going somewhere new is amazing, but it’s even better to do it with a few new friends. We work with bigger travel companies, remote organizations, freelance platforms, bloggers and multiple partners.

The benefits of these partnerships are extended to the Community Members in a variety of ways including:

1. Access to the exclusive email newsletter with updates, offers, remote work opportunities, events & meet ups around the world and giveaways.
2. Entry to any future program of The Remote Life (TRL).
3. Credit of $100 that can be applied towards any future TRL program you wish to join.
4. Bonus referral code for your friends and family. Give $50, get $50.
5. Support for your travels.
6. Share your story with the world through the TRL blog and social media.

The TRL membership program is for you if you are or plan to be a citizen of the world. We are a bunch of travelers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, photographers, bloggers, remote workers, developers, designers & many more. All with the singular aim of experiencing things together.


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