24 Nomad Travel Photographers To Watch Out For in 2017

Travel photography is an art and no one knows it better than these 24 photographers who have been traveling the world and capturing moments for all of us to re-live. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beautiful work they have done so we can enjoy nature in it’s purest form. There is so much to see and experience out there, let’s take the plunge and follow these photographers to see the world.

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1. Scott Stohler

scott stohler remote life

Scott Stohler is one-half of the dynamic travel duo, Roamaroo. A former chemical engineer, his unique compositions stand out from the saturation of travel photographers on Instagram. He shoots with a Sony a7 II, GoPro, and a DJI Mavic drone.Here is a perfectly captured moment.


2. Dan Houde

dan houde photography remote life

An accomplished and published photographer with a 20-year marketing career rooted in the tourism and hospitality industry of Northern New England. With a focus on the Mt. Washington Valley and White Mountains of New Hampshire, Houde sets out weekly to capture the scenic landscapes and unique recreational opportunities which visitors from all over the world come to experience.


3. Tania

marriage tania remote life

Ukrainian by origin, but living in Amsterdam now. Fell in love with Florence and stayed there for almost 4 years taking pictures of tourists enjoying their vacation. Used to work in a corporate world, but her passion for lifestyle photography brought her to Italy. Covers couples and Destination weddings.


5. Tyann Marcink

tyan marcink remote life rainbow

Love adventure want to travel to Europe and see the places only the locals know about . Her recent adventures took her down the face of a slippery cliff off the Na Pali Coast in Kauai and into a secret cave with 20 sleeping sea turtles. And then to the edge of the Waimea Canyon with gusting 40mph winds as she captured a nearly full circle rainbow.


6. Dumitru Brinzan

mountains photography remote life

Web developer and photographer from Moldova. Mostly interested in wineries and charming towns. On his recent visit to the Switzerland he captured this picture of fluela-pass.

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7. Michael Baynes

polar photography remote life

Freelance photographer whose love of travel has seen him explore all seven continents and more than 50 countries. He specialises in landscape and wildlife photography with a particular interest in photographing the Polar Regions, where he also works as a photography guide for expedition company Aurora Expeditions.


8. Laurence Norah

florence italy remote life

Founders of Finding the Universe slowly exploring the world. Laurence likes to take the pictures and stand on mountains, and Jess loves to explore museums and discover what makes a place tick. Their favourite subject is landscapes, and they loves to document the beauty in the world around them. Here is beautifully captured sunset over the Florence Cathedral, Italy.


9. Rafika & Karim of Le Big Trip

beach mountain remote life

Karim and Rafika, first met at university, and have been travelling as a couple for over 10 years. They developed a passion for photography 8years ago when they got their first DSLR (EOS Rebel). Karim loves minimalist pictures and Rafika tends to focus on wildlife photography. But right in the middle, both love travel photography as a whole and love sharing their findings with thier online community


10. Kristy Elena

sunset couple remote life

Her first exhibit was at age 8 in L.A. Visual arts and travel are her lifelong loves. Along with her husband she is living a digital nomad life. Utilizing their experience in social media and photography, they work with businesses around the world. Currently in Greece.


11. Josh Summers

china digital nomad remote life

Ever since 2006, when Josh moved from his home in the US to a remote village in Central Asia, he quickly fell in love with the region’s stunning scenery and beautiful ethnic cultures. He rarely leaves home without his camera now. Daily photos of Xinjiang, China and Uyghur culture from him, an American who has lived in the region can be seen here. Xinjiang highway, called the “Du-ku” from the lenses of Josh.


12. Lina Stock

clear water remote life

Travels full time with her husband, David Stock, and runs the adventure travel blog, Divergent Travelers. Recently won 3 gold medals from the North America Travel Journalist Association for best travel portrait for an online publication, best nature shot for and online publication. Here is the drone captured shot for your eyes.



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13. Vicki Louise

make time to see the world remote life

A true Digital nomad left the UK in 2008 and lived in the USA, France, Switzerland, Austria and Spain before settling in Melbourne, Australia in 2012.Currently she is working on Ideas & Inspiration for combining a Full Time Job with Part Time Travel.


14. Joanne DiBona

beach family remote life

Joanne DiBona is an accredited travel journalist and photographer with a vast portfolio of published work under her belt. After a long tenure in communications for the San Diego Tourism Authority, she now travels the world with her husband and fellow photographer Tony to produce a gallery of photos of each place they visit. In addition to her numerous freelance outlets, she is also a contributing travel photo editor of USA TODAY 10Best.com.


15. Mark Downey

mark downey remote life

Internationally respected photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Named “Travel Photographer of The Year”for the United States by SATW. Literally “freezes moments in time”. His goal is to document the world in our era and the important leaders and issues of our time.


16. Jessica Mlinaric

people istanbul remote life

Her work covering travel and culture has ranged from major music festival coverage like Lollapalooza to all the fried food at the Iowa State Fair. Jessica founded urbnexplorer in2010 to share stories about cities and their cultures. Her first book on secret locations in Chicago is forthcoming from Reedy Press. She captures cultures and people.


17. Jean Ramey

jean ramey remote life

Features beautiful color travel photography from the world’s favorite destinations, geared towards both globe trotters and armchair travelers. Jean is an award-winning international travel photographer, based in Chicago. She’s passionate about capturing the essence of a location, from the iconic to unique vignettes and whimsical moments.


18. Jehanne Oostra

streets jehanne remote life

Dutch girl living in Italy, blogger of Le strade di Torino, who stroll the streets of the city to discover new and old places to share with you. From hip to old-fashioned, but always particular. Which is greatly visible in her capture of The streets of Torino on a Monday morning.


19. Lauren Yakiwchuk

wildlife photography remote life

Hails from Toronto. She loves urban and outdoor adventures, hiking, and exploring nature. Lauren loves traveling in an eco-friendly manner, and shares ways to discover wildlife as responsibly as possible on her travel blog.


20. Christine Armbruster

streets cars remote life

Blends her interests in documentary style photography with travel photography to create real, authentic images. Her focus is not only on the location, but often stretching deeper into a culture to incorporate culture and real people into her images. From nomads in the Arabian desert to coffee pickers in the Dominican Republic, she has easily connected with the people and cultures around her.


21. James Kaiser

sunset beach remote life

Writes and photographs travel guidebooks to national parks, including Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Acadia and Joshua Tree. He has also photographed over 20 adventure trips for OARS, including, most recently, a one-week sea kayaking trip in Cuba. When not traveling he lives on a sailboat in Maine.


22. Barbara Weibe

banaras india remote life

She felt like the “hole in the donut” – solid on the outside but empty on the inside – so she set out to see the world. Ten years later she is still traveling, sharing photos of the places she visits on her blog, Hole in the Donut Cultural Travels.


23. Michael

night sky remote life

From Kitchener, Canada. Have lived in South Korea for the past three years and traveled many other places photographing his journeys. He has compiled all of his work into a project called To the Nations Worldwide.


24. Simone Anne

simone remote life minimal photography

Photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work is exuberant – full of color, emotion, & movement. Simone travels extensively, both personally and professionally.Recent explorations have included a month long solo hike of all 220 miles of the John Muir Trail, road tripping through South Africa, wandering back roads in Uganda, eating street food in Thailand, and train touring Europe.


  • Jean Ramey says:

    Thanks The Remote Life! It’s exciting to see the world through others and their photography. I’m honored to be featured with such a talented group of travel photographers. Those fleeting moments in travel are captured forever through photos, and are the best souvenirs I could ever ask for. My photo above (by Jean Ramey Photography) was taken while sitting at an outdoor cafe in Piazza Navona, Rome. While taking a quick break from wandering around Rome, I noticed the beautiful reflection of the piazza in a wine glass and snapped a quick photo. It’s one of the most popular photos on my site and reflects the beauty of travel in even small moments.

  • Thanks to The Remote Life for being included in this list of photographers to watch out for in 2017! It is definitely true that the photos we bring back from our journeys are the ultimate souvenirs and remain for us to enjoy long after the memories of our adventures fade.

    I’d like to share a few travel photography tips I put together for the 10Best website which I’ve learned over the years I’ve been shooting travel photos:

    And remember, even if you can’t travel to exotic locations, you can find a wealth of beauty to photography–right in your own back yard!

    • Emma Austin says:

      Absolutely Joanne , could not agree more with your last statement . Indeed Beauty beholds the eye of the cameraman, one can find a perfect shot anywhere.

  • That’s such a lovely post! And a great resource to see some amazing photography.

    My iPhone camera just doesn’t cut it! But in truth, I’d have lost or broken anything more expensive.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Emma Austin says:

      Hi Reebex , check out our next blog . We have included some tips and hacks on clicking amazinf pictures using a phone.

  • I never get tired of discovering new travel photographers and seeing such variations! My favourite of all of these is the sunset over Florence!

  • Christine says:

    Great list with tons of variety! Thank you for the feature!

    • Emma Austin says:

      People Loved the picture clicked by you , I personally included it for its flavour of street photography.

  • Nomadic Foot says:

    all the photos are awesome and happy to see India is there. Photography is such a beautiful art. this art can turn a place in heaven.

  • Each of these photographs are absolutely breathtaking. One needs a good eye for good photography and though one can learn the technicality of it, instincts prove unbeatable.

  • Only By Land says:

    These photographers have some awesome pics, I already follow a few on Instagram. From your list my favourite photo is the one from Michael Baynes.

  • So cool and always nice to see fellow travellers share the beauty of the world. The one sunset by Vicki is my favourite although all of them deserve to be on this list. Amazing places and awesome travellers.

  • neha says:

    Such a great list. I am so amazed by the kind of snaps these photographers click. Sometimes I look at them for moments to sync in that these are photos of real world, and not imaginary software tricks. Really! I would love to take a class from one of these some day

    • Emma Austin says:

      You asked for it and we have it , check our next blog having excerpts from the winner of this competition . And he provides some online workshops too. do check

  • Carola says:

    Thank you for sharing this list with us! Even for me as a full-time traveler, it is always fascinating to discover other nomads’ view of the world.

    Happy continued travels!

    • Emma Austin says:

      Its great to be in touch with full time travellers , we are in Indonesia right now heading to Cambodia . where are you heading next?

  • Janine Good says:

    These are great photographers and inspire others to perfect the craft. I follow some of these guys already on IG. I love the photo #19 of the giraffes. They are graceful animals and are picture perfect.

  • Agnes says:

    Some really great photos. As a hobby photographer, I will keep an eye on them for inspiration. Maybe one day I’ll make the list too!

    • Emma Austin says:

      Sure Agnes , Just keep learning . check our next blog having excerpts from winner of this competition . You might get some insights on Photography.

  • Fallon says:

    I wanted to thank you for this amazing read!! I definitely
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