How to stay safe when traveling in Thailand: a guide

When you’re fed up with working in an office, you probably find yourself searching every corner of the internet for your next vacation destination. You dream of white sandy beaches, exotic foods, bustling city life, and time to actually relax away from your work environment.

But where do you choose as your next vacation destination? Well, for many remote workers, it just has to be Thailand! Like many tourist destinations, Thailand does have its dangers, but it’s easy to stay safe when traveling in Thailand if you follow this guide…

Respect the local culture

One of the best ways to stay safe during your trip to Thailand is to not draw attention to yourself as a tourist – as this will make you an easy target. By respecting the local culture and doing as the locals do, you will be able to blend yourself into the bustle of everyday life. The easiest way to blend in is to wear appropriate clothing for the country. With so many dos and don’ts of what to wear in Thailand, it’s best to clue yourself up before you fly.

Always keep your passport safe

In Thailand, tourists flock in their thousands to rent mopeds and travel around the beautiful country. Although it’s not uncommon for moped rental companies to ask for a deposit before you drive away with their goods, many questionable companies also ask to keep your passport – which you will likely never get back. If you are asked to hand over your passport, refuse their demands and find an alternative company, because you always need to keep your passport safe and in your own possession.


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Avoid secluded areas

Thailand is overrun with beautiful and secluded beaches that will allow you to sunbathe with just the sun and the ocean for company. At least, that’s what you may think. Some beaches in Thailand are actually rather dangerous and can be a breeding ground for hidden crime. Because of this, it’s important that you avoid secluded beaches at all costs. Instead, opt for a beach that has numerous visitors or even a lifeguard, so that there will be someone there to help you if you find yourself in danger.

Be wary of the traditional Tuk Tuk

No trip to Thailand would be complete without a ride in a traditional Tuk Tuk, but is it really worth it if you want to stay safe when traveling in Thailand? Well, many tourists have noted that Tuk Tuk drivers will often scam their tourists out of their money for the sake of a short drive in Thailand, and would prefer to put their travel requirements into their own hands. This is why more and more people are renting cars and motorbikes in Thailand – but not before they know how to drive in a foreign country!

Never leave your drink unattended

Thailand is synonymous with the epic full-moon party, and party-goers travel in their droves to experience the Thai nightlife. With cheap drinks and all-night parties, it’s easy to leave your drink behind in search of the dance floor. However, it’s important to never leave your drink unattended. If you leave your drink open to predators, you also leave yourself open to spending a hefty amount on medical treatment. Just 2 weeks of medical treatment in Thailand can cost over $50,000!

Thailand is one of the most beautiful destinations on earth, but it’s essential that you know how to stay safe in Thailand before you fly. Do you have any more tips on Thailand safety? Let us know in the comments!

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