I Started Traveling at 12 – What Are You Waiting For?

Early Start to Traveling

I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Finland. As a child I watched American TV shows and tried to learn English to one day achieve my dream of living in the US. With my family I traveled to European countries for vacations, but after a lot of begging I finally was allowed to take my first international trip alone at the age of 12. I went to a language school in Bermuda. My parents thought that I would become very homesick and I would never want to travel again. But they were totally wrong. After six weeks away, I came home crying that I wanted to go back to Bermuda… I was hooked on traveling already at 12 years old.

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  I was hooked on traveling already at 12 years old.

Working to Travel

By the time I was a teenager, I had figured out that my way to get out of the farm can happen with modeling. I started working as a model in Finland and shortly after that received my first international contract to go to Tokyo. I was super excited. My parents weren’t, but being such a stubborn child, they had no choice. I ended up working as a model in 13 different countries as a teenager. I did it all for the travel. It was so exciting for me. I loved Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Korea.

I was very lucky because I was able to travel to so many places and get paid for doing so. I took advantage of it all and during my free time traveled around sightseeing.

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More Than One Trip Per Month

Now I have a more settled down way of life in Los Angeles, but I still travel a lot. Sometimes I travel for work (I now work as an actor and a TV host); I got to shoot a TV series in Buenos Aires, Argentina and every year I travel at least to Las Vegas for hosting jobs. I also travel for vacations and general exploring. So far this year (we are four months into this year right now) I have traveled to the Cook Islands (Rarotonga and Aitutaki), Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Las Vegas, and San Diego in addition to Los Angeles. That’s more than one trip per month on average. It is my goal to visit every single country on the planet. I am more than a quarter of the way there.


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Traveling is Freeing

Traveling makes me feel free. It makes me feel like I am on top of the world, whether I am somewhere luxurious or in a third world country. To me they are equally exciting experiences. I always get something great out of traveling. It broadens my mind and makes me feel alive.

  Life is all about; achieving happiness that keeps you thriving forward.

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Because I feel that I live for traveling, I started a travel blog just this month. It came about from my numerous travel stories. For now it is a hobby, as a still have my other career too. But the more I write the blog, the more I realize it really makes me happy. That is what I think life is all about; achieving happiness that keeps you thriving forward.

About The Author


Anna Easteden is a Finnish born American actor living in Los Angeles. You may have seen Anna in shows like: Two and a Half Men, Bones and Days of Our Lives.

Anna is also a humanitarian and has conducted a comparative legal research study on the different aspects of asylum procedures in selected European countries for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Bratislava, Slovakia. Her research impacted the Slovak National Asylum Legislation, which was in the process of amendment. She holds a B.A. in Political Science as well as a B.A. in Theater and Performance Studies from University of California Berkeley.

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  • Jaydeep says:

    Such a nice blog… i’ll surely try your new tips the next time I go travelling.
    thanks 🙂

  • Gupta says:

    What if I am not as beautiful nor young as you but I still want to earn while travelling, could you give me some tips for that too?

  • Shruti says:

    Loved the way you took this lifestyle…inspiring..

  • Sonica says:

    First of all congratulations for puting up your interest for travel by convincing your family members at the age of 12. I too believe that traveling gives us great experiences. Keep traveling !

  • C R ANJALI says:

    It’s amazing how you are doing exactly what makes you happy. Life couldn’t be simpler. Travelling is my favourite thing to do, and taking a solo trip has been the biggest of all dreams. This article inspires me to contemplate it and achieve it. It was a pleasant read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rusha hazra says:

    It was a worth reading blog.people like you only give others the motivation to do something for their own.travelling is great way to enjoy life and enjoy leisure ..it creates a passion within an individual.
    I gained positivity from this blog

  • Mayank Bhola says:

    Inspiring and all that I want. Being able to travel the world and getting paid for that feels like a dream come true.

  • A way to add spice to otherwise drab life.Such an inspiration.

  • Garima Negi says:

    Such a nice blog! Makes me want to go out on an adventure, because truly, freedom is an exuberant experience.

  • Naveen kumar says:

    Reading your experience in travelling, I feel like travelling alone all over.
    I like to visit new places but I didn’t went alone till now.
    Let me try out once.

  • Krupa says:

    You took those chances which was helped you in your hobby. You choose modling so you could also travelling. You are follow your hobby. It’s inspiring me a lot.

  • Shivani says:

    This bolg is so great..everybody should try your new tips and i will try also the next time.

  • sandhya says:

    wow! such an inspiring story for everyone who are afraid to travel alone and also scared of facing problems. travelling does make us feel strong and independent

  • A.Preethi says:

    Inspiring blog!I inspire your desire and guds to travel alone and your love for exploring.

  • Krupa says:

    You have taken the oppourtinity which helped in hobby. Such as moldeling which help in travelling. Which gave importants to life nd hobby helped us in earing money. I am inspired with it.

  • Dhara Modi says:

    Travelling really has no age, let it be with friends or family or solo, there are no boundaries of time. We really have a short time to live and that we can start anytime, its important we make the most of it. Your work motivates me to just go catch a plane to some isolated beach and do meditation there and then hop to a concert on the way and do wine tasting in the farms and watch the sunset on the boats of Venice. Thank you for this blog!


    Such a great story! You’ve come a long way. I love travelling too. I hope i can get a job that allows me to travel the world just like you. Hope you visit all the countries. Good Luck!

  • Shivanshu says:

    That was so inspiring.

  • Aman Upadhyay says:

    Travelling is such a good hobby. I would too do any job if i get alot of travelling along the job. It’s Refreshing you will not just give up on a such job if it includes travelling. Keep it up.. Keep Inspiring.

  • Aashendra Patodi says:

    Very well written, it’s quite an adventure to start travelling at such an early age. I will surely try your tips before going on trip

  • Lakshmi says:

    Wow. Travelling helps refreshing and inspiring too. I guess with those travels in ur life made you this successful. Travel a lot and enjoy to the fullest.

  • Kunal G Kashyap says:

    There are times when you would hold back yourself from travelling, just for the sake of petty reasons or reasons that exist in your hindsight. And everytime one of these reasons holds you back, you need to come here and read this piece. With all said and done, she lives as a travelling icon for everyone of us. Totally inspiring.

  • Krishna Narain Srivastava says:

    Such an inspiring blog…..this will encourage alot of people who doesn’t understand that travelling is not depend upon the age. Each and everyone is able to do what they want to.

  • Taniya Pal says:

    Such a inspiring experience!
    I really enjoy your posts! They’re always insightful and full of valuable content. I have started traveling at 8, and I remember how amazing it was… but I recently found your blog, and I’m loving the content. This list will be several more travel related blogs to mull over.

    Thanks again!

  • Divyashree says:

    Adventures fill our souls and job fill our pockets.Its really good when travel can do both.Travelling at an age of 12!!!hats off.This is inspiring me to jump out of my automated life and go on a random trip.

  • Shahina Ahmed says:

    Travelling is like a good book that offers you a package in a short time. Places,persons, are the living characteristics of a place and thus showcases the benefit of travelling. People can explore their views, thoughts over different aspects and also gain the ability to handle aby kind of situation. Travelling makes a man feel alive.

  • Akshay kumar says:

    Seriously, the importance of travelling can be depicted in this blog. It can really change one’s life. And surely it does if not in giving a career then at least giving us a break from our stubborn lives..

  • Nikita Vignesh says:

    She travelled at the age of 12 as it was her ambition, as it made her happy…
    This is the perfect piece for all those young kids with eyes glistening in search of adventure.We don’t need to be 25 to venture out into the real world and turn our passions and dreams into reality….And this blog is a perfect example to that.
    And if you have this nagging question in mind-“Why? Why should I take so much pain in life to explore the world when I could just google it?”,the answer is right here in this blog.

    “Life is all about achieving the happiness that keeps you thriving forward”.

    So, don’t hesitate to do what you dream of.And the next time you watch Homeland or Two and a Half Men, you might just remember this blog! 🙂


  • Megha Sharma says:

    Very impressive & catchy information. Travelling is a best option to stimulate oneself from boredom . It take us into new surroundings unfiltered by the prejudices, tastes or preferences of a traveling companion which may be a heady stuff. Traveling gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully.

  • Kshitij Upadhyay says:

    The thing i like the most she at the age of 12 is ready to go away from home for her career. This really inspires me . Otherwise at the age 12 i would never ready to leave my parents. That is how sucess can be achieved by own . I really appreciate her parents as they also never created any obstacles in her life. In India as of now parents are not ready to send their child (especially girl) away from their home even before marriage (forgot age 12).

  • Sonalika Pandey says:

    The more I explore this site and read blogs here, the more it is inspiring me. It is beautiful to know that people all around the globe are giving such importance to travelling; not as a vacationers but as the part of their work space.

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    Travelling is like ice on the cake and at the age of 12 is like cherry on it. I salute you

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  • POULOMI BAUR says:

    Anyone who has been beaten by the travel bug would definitely envy you,but truly there really is no age limit when it comes to travelling and exploring the buffet that the world has to offer.All you need is the zeal ,in front of which even mountains bow down.Anna truly has some understanding parents who lets her take her decisions and go out.Anna is not only blessed with a passport that has stamps from all around the country ,but also she is in control of her life,her decisions.

  • M Jose' says:

    Thank You Emma for this wonderful blog post. People like you should advocate more about the necessities of travel. It is a revelation when you figure out the reason you travel. And this perspective changes from person to person. But we all love to be Columbus and Marco Polo once in a while. Travel is a chance to tell our tales. It releases the mindset we are born with. So like she says, take a challenge, be a rebel and travel till you can enjoy it.

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    Loved how beautifully you managed to incorporate the line ‘travelling makes me feel free’ in this write-up. What an age to realise what the heart truly wants. I’m glad you could make the trip at the age of 12 because if you hadn’t, who’d be motivating people like me to go and live life just the way it is dreamt of. Makes me want to pack my bags this very instant and leave. Your blog post was truely inspiring and does make me want to put in that extra effort to make my dream of travelling the world, come true. I love how you worked towards your goal with no form of hindrance coming in the way of your determination. Kudos! I hope, you get to live the dream of travelling the world some day. From one travel bug to another, may the will to feel free and alive never cease! 🙂

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    Your story reminds me of a very inspiring character (of a famous Indian movie- Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani) called Kabir (Bunny),played by the well known actor Ranbir Kapoor. Travel fills Kabir’s soul and his work also makes him go around the globe! It is a pleasure to read you as you’re a living example of the character and it’s beautiful how you’ve courageously chased your dreams!

  • Karan Arora says:

    One word: Inspirational

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    I just LOVE to travel and your story inspired me even more. I truly agree with you that travelling is freeing oneself. When we travel we get to experience the beauty of nature and also for me, each and every place I visit becomes a beautiful memory.

  • VIBHUTI says:

    kudos to this lady. that happiness can be easily seen in your article. you actually seems to be a happy soul. well i am home sick person and now your this article inject me to make some travel dairies for myself. so yes i believe “Life is all about achieving the happiness that keeps you thriving forward”

  • William says:

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