Solo Trip: 5 Good Reasons To Travel Alone in 2017

In 1889, the American woman Nellie Bly was the first woman in the world to round the globe – a big scandal at the same time, and at the same time the spark for the great dream of traveling. Today, this dream of the solo trip through foreign countries and cultures is fulfilled by numerous women. Study shows that nearly 40 percent of American women have already traveled on their own,”. However, 13 per cent of the participants surveyed have not yet trusted in the adventure – and that is why we are presenting the best reasons for a trip alone. So, take your backpack and enjoy the great freedom!

solo travel remote life

  If you are alone for a while, you’ll find yourself too.

You discover not only the world – but also yourself

Whether it’s a lonely beach in Bali, or a climb to the heights of Kilimanjaro – if you are alone for a while, you’ll find yourself too. You can drop, concentrate on your needs and thoughts, and perhaps even your life redefine in the most beautiful places in the world!

solo travel remote life

You are completely free

A single-ticket means a trip to unlimited freedom. You can do what and when you want without addressing your friends, family or partner as usual. At 8 o’clock get up, because the others want to make sightseeing? Or spend every day at the same beach, although you would rather discover the island? This is now the end because on a solo trip there is no compromise!


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Makes you open to new things

Whoever packs the suitcases with the girl or the loved one will usually stay together. But on a solo trip, you go through the world with open eyes and open up to meet new people. Whether locals or backpacker colleagues, the fresh contacts can change your itinerary – or perhaps your whole life: spontaneously learning to surf or the first dive on the Great Barrier Reef? Solo travels will impress impressions that will lend you a lifetime.

Solo travel remote life

Admittedly, for a trip to the beginning of the tour, it takes a bit of courage. But whoever dares can be proud of himself in the end. You will have to solve problems all by yourself, go to strange people and have to deal with you in foreign countries. Even if you go to your personal limits, you gain self-confidence and sovereignty. A great tip for all those who are looking for a single trip: Start with a new city! Such as Deauville. There you have it easier than if you go on a big rucksack immediately.

  On a solo trip, you go through the world with open eyes and open up to meet new people.

solo travel remote life

You can relax your soul

Some study confirms that a solo trip has the greatest recreational factor. For example, 30 percent of respondents say they can relax by themselves. No wonder, because the holiday alone provides for your private “Me-Time”: You have no commitments, no timetables that you normally make with friends, and you can determine your day program quite comfortably when brunching in the feathers. And if you sink into a good book in the deck on the beach, the beach shopper who wants to convince you of a fresh “Coco Bello” will not mind.

About the Author

Brian Millar is the owner and author of backpackreviewed. He is a 28 years old blogger from California. He completed his graduation in Information Technology. He is a new traveler who is learning to travel around the world.

  • The reasons are absolutely true and each point written increases my will to pack up and leave right now for an amazing experience. Beautifully expressed points.

    • Akanksha Devrani says:

      Truly amazing. This has literally inspired me to travel alone and has given me a lot of courage. Totally trying the idea of alone in a foreign land. Not waiting for people to make similar plans anymore. ??

  • Shivangi uliana says:

    once in life, you have to go solo and travel alone because new discoveries lay ahead.

  • Gunjan Bhatnagar says:

    Trips already carry a bulk of freshness and thrill , but if it comes on solo trips it has some really great perks , perfectly mentioned in the blog .
    Solo trips are not just exploring the world , but also learning about the types and variety the world serves us , and of course feeling closer to ourselves isn’t a bad idea indeed!! being totally dependent on self could take a person to an another level of self discovery ,confidence and serenity!!

  • Mahima kharbanda says:

    This Blog is truly inspiring. I completely agree to all the points mentioned here. Travelling alone does not only help us to discover the whole wide world but it also helps to discover ourselves. Our strengths our weaknesses, our likes our dislikes, our high and low points. Once in a lifetime it is necessary that you spend a bit of your precious time alone knowing yourself, understanding yourself and then implementing it. I too have a dream to travel alone,
    if not the world then some places around the world and one day I surely will. Thanks for such an inspiring blog.

  • Sameen Kazi says:

    Hello! I’m so glad to write a reply to you. Your blog is just a power pack of energy and inspiration to travel and explore the world all by our self. I think everyone has to read this before planning their holidays. I’ve also traveled alone which, resulted as a huge change in my life. I’ve become so much more independent and good at decision making. When we travel alone we indeed find our selves but that’s not it, we sometimes find crazy, fun-loving, adorable and inspiring people. We are exposed to the nature and it’s reality. We learn new things which could be good or bad but only help in the growth of our knowledge.
    I hope you keep writing and inspire people!
    – Sameen Kazi

  • Gayathri Kumar says:

    Good message. Solo trip :- we discover ourselves. It gives us a courage to stand by our own legs in every part of our life.

  • This is a wonderful blog and even inspiring that I’d love to write about it.
    And not just for women but for men as well.

  • Ajinkya Mishrikotkar says:

    I traveled till now along with my family, but after reading this blog I am gonna travel alone. Of course if you don’t have any commitments you are going to enjoy fully.

  • Travelling alone makes oneself to understand himself more.It enables one to spend more time with himself understanding his or her’s flaws.Thanks for such a good blog 🙂

  • palak malhotra says:

    A wonderful and a well framed article that can motivate anyone to take up a solo trip from this year.
    Great Work Emma.
    Keep travelling, Keep writing and keep sharing.


    I think your article is most encouraging and heartening blog i have ever read. It made me to meet who i am and what i want in my life. It is well said that being alone you can know who you are and can do things out of the box. You can analyze your potential without buried under the weights of commitment.

  • Shelly Mehandiratta says:

    A really inspiring piece of writing .
    Descriptive,imaginative and very well written. This article will surely inspire million of travel junkies to plan their solo trips and experience the bliss of their own company.

  • Pooja Kakadiya says:

    Extremely motivating and inspiring!

  • David Nallapu says:

    A very interesting read. It was definitely motivating and instilled a desire to travel!

  • sasna sunder says:

    Never imagined about a solo trip, now this helped to plan one. The thrill and advantages in solo trips are perfectly explicated here. The best article to be read before a solo trip. Highly thoughtful and inspiring article. Going to plan one for this vacation.

  • Nidhi Agarwal says:

    This is so on point. Travelling sets our heart free. And if it is a solo trip, it is an added bonus. Lots of alone time means a number of opportunities to grow and explore; all by yourself. No doubt, a solo trip is a must for all those souls who are daring to push their limits and are raring to taste new boundaries.

  • Venessa robert osta says:

    It was truely an informative article on reasons to travelling alone..

  • Kartik Charnalia says:

    This blog drills down into my thoughts at the first instance mesmerizing me with its conceptual view the author wants to make for solo trips for wanderers like me. At 27 , if I am not wrong , what I have perceived is that the lacunae is not in just clubbing, hanging out with friends, but to understand innerself is a big question which has jostled me to enrich or enhance the person I can be. By reviewing this it energizes me to go on solo trips and know others personalities, know them, cultures and yes, with no time-table.

  • Anuja Ninan says:

    Very impressive & catchy information. Solo trip is a best option to stimulate oneself from boredom . It take us into new surroundings unfiltered by the prejudices, tastes or preferences of a traveling companion which may be a heady stuff. Traveling alone gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully.

  • Tanya khanna says:

    This is really inspiring . Solo trip isn’t just about exploring new places but also exploring the part within which was hidden from ourself .In a world where we don’t have time for ourself ,a journey within brings changes for a lifetime . Hope this experience inspires many to expore the one within them and go on new expeditions to learn new things .

  • Srishti says:

    It was a really nice blog. It made me feel enthusiastic to go on a solo trip to new places to discover myself.

  • unnati shrivastav says:

    A solo trip is definitely a lifetime achievement. Well said, you get to know and develop yourself to more beautiful personality. When you are solo , you are independent. Learn about certain traits of yourself and different ways of living and leading

  • Jill Harsora says:

    All this is so true. Can’t wait for a solo trip. 🙂

  • Varsha says:

    Erasing your fear can completely leads to YOU (your true self).
    When you are all alone you find the best and the weak in you.
    Women need to get up and start discovering self. Go chase life and go chase you. Truly motivated by this article.

  • Ishita says:

    Totally true …..alone trip is the bestest trip … are totally free to do any thing in this world by urself ….you are not dependent on others

  • ASTHA S. says:

    Traveling alone is always fun!
    It makes you independent and confident about yourself. Traveling alone is the best way to re discover yourself in a better way.
    Great article!

  • parth Asher says:

    After reading the article by author I feel that travelling alone has various benefits because people who like to spend time alone are smarter and more evolved and thus have better ability to handle difficult situation..


    even though the reasons given are apt. There are other reasons too which might trigger the wanderer inside you. Some of the reasons being:
    1. It’ll force you to become a problem solver.
    2. It’ll also ma2ke you more comfortable in your own skin.
    3.You’ll learn the world isn’t as scary as you think.
    also, it will help you grow as a person and be independent and teach you to be happy in your own company.
    P.S. think about the brilliant Instagram profile you’ll be having.

  • Anya says:

    That’s a pretty cool information. Even I am a person who love to travel more and more.
    Travelling alone is really a good thing. We can have our own decisions, we can do what ever we want with freedom.
    Travelling itself is relaxing and exploring new things and this is the good way to come across with different people and their cultures. That will be an awesome experience.

  • Aditi Dhwal says:

    Perfect article! Beautifully written.
    Some solo trips are trips are on my list and after reading this I so feel like packing my bag and going on one! 🙂

  • A.Preethi says:

    I think these are really valid reasons to convince ourselves for a grand adventurous solo trip?

  • Chitra says:

    Travelling alone not only increases one’s problem solving capacity but also enchants his soul to unlock his dormant interests and thoughts. Ones takes a deep insight of the micro cosmic view of the world while he plunges into his own soul.
    So yea… Travelling is the KEY!
    Travelling solo is always YOLO! 🙂

  • Anand sharma says:

    I too wanted to travel alone after going through this blog.

  • Shubham Sharma says:

    Amazingly written! This article makes me want to pack my bags right now and start exploring the world around me, feels like I would finally get answers to many of the questions i have been asking myself lately.

  • Dhara Modi says:

    Travelling has always been my dream and seeing you persuade your dream solo, it gives me the zest to work hard and be able to run from countries to countries in search to see every corner of the world and be able to live a remote life.
    A person’s attitude is not permanent, it changes from what he sees and what learns. I would like to develop confidence and good enthusiasm to conquer the world with a camera and a city map!

  • Sheena says:

    Loved this article!!
    Before reading it, I always used to believe that one should always travel with ones family or friends. But this article has changed my entire perspective. Especially the point that traveling not only make one discover the world but also ones own self. Its a lovely article and everyone must read it so that they can also realize that the notion that traveling is fun only when one travels with any partner or some company is fully wrong.

  • Divyank Dixit says:

    Indeed travelling is the best that can happen to one in his/her life. During this process one not only comes close to nature but also able to realise one’s own existence and communicate with one’s soul ……..travelling alone is looked upon with fear by some people but after the completion of first journey one become accustomed to it.

  • Manidipa says:

    This article gives more reasons to travel solo. I really wish I could some day. But being a woman and belonging to a conservative Indian family, only makes it a dream with slim chance to come true

  • Avishkar Sharma says:

    Thanks, Brian, for this interesting blog. It was really a great experience reading it and after reading, I am feeling highly motivated to travel alone anywhere in the globe.
    Once again thanks to you.

  • Nilesh Malhotra says:

    Well, of course, one should not forget that going on a trip alone definitely fills one with loads of optimistic ideas.

  • Srishti says:

    Nice article about how Solo Travelling is an amazing experience and how it can help someone with their lives.

  • Khushboo Singhal says:

    It is impressive to know how the change in one’s new surroundings can make a person more confident and self reliant. I read it and found it really helpful. Great work.

  • Well travelling fascinates the youth to a great extent but solo travelling is something which is still not very much preferred.Taking a look at the tips given here i am sure the anxieties related to travelling alone will disappear.Solo travelling is like meditating to youself and this post certainly justifies the fact.

  • Minimal Hype says:

    Awesome, I am already packing my bags. Thank You

  • Earlier, to be honest, i was a person who used to get nervous when ever alone. It was like they were my back bone and i couldn’t survive without them. I never discovered myself, and the power you feel when you are alone.
    The truth is, NOw when i am alone, iam sorted, not stressed, peacefull, and i know how to enjoy my own company even while travelling alone.

  • Lovely.
    Absolutely loved the listed points.

  • Yamini says:

    Absolutely, travelling alone makes you know about your strengths and weaknesses!! Thanks for the blog..!

  • Sarthak says:

    The author writes ’13 percent of the participants surveyed have not yet trusted in the adventure’. I believe the numbers have considerably improved in the last 5 years but given an opportunity these 13 per cent people should be counseled to ask them of their real fear in traveling alone. The Tourism Corporation of every State, every Country should have a note of it and then work on it.

    As per individuals, we can do our best by guiding any tourist in our place in the best possible way and making the place a safe one to be in. Leading by inspiration is the way out here.

  • Mrittika Paul says:

    I have travelled a lot but not alone yet. But I know a few people who have and they can totally relate to all the points made here, so much so that I have been convinced if I don’t do this, I can’t call myself a person with an ardent passion for travel and adventure. 🙂

  • Swapan says:

    You have listed all the good points. Nice post.??

  • Abhijit Bhandari says:

    Sir you have beautifully presented the idea “If you want to do something, then you need to climb the stairs alone”. Watching a silent lake at midnight watching the street lights at its farthest can provide a man to know himself more. Going into a crowd of people, all unknown; all strangers makes us feel the warmth of brotherhood and sisterhood. People say world is unsafe but for a traveller who has understood every bits of soil in his own way, in his own’s perspective; feels not a stranger in any part of the world rather he keeps himself busy smiling at the nature, breathing the taste of air at different parts of world and relaxes just like the sunshine and sunset.. all free; always smiling

  • Stuti Bhatt says:

    I have to say, I am very fascinated by this post. Traveling alone is indeed a rejuvenating experience. Staying alone in Goa has taught me a lot of things. There’s no need to do things as per others planning. You can do anything as and when you like. There’s no compromise to our comfort in solo traveling.
    For introverts, solo traveling can bring ultimate peace of mind, helps building the self confidence. For extroverts, it can prove out to be a great source to meet new, interesting people out there.
    Courage is the key. Once started, you will thank yourself for taking this big step towards self innovation.
    Everyone should experience a solo trip at least once in their lifetime to know a bit more about themselves, about nature, surroundings and people.

  • ajaypal gurjar says:

    Really like it.
    It’s nice blog it is very very helpful

  • Disha says:

    Hello. I am an aspiring traveler, but my fears were holding me back. This blog was extremely stimulating and it gave a boost to my desire.

  • vasisth says:

    An article for those who want to know what they are capable of doing without anyone. Unleashing the real YOU by going to unknown city/place and finding what you truly are. Holiday full of making friends, seeing new faces with different languages and breathtaking places: giving you all the time to impress yourself.

  • Aayushi Bhargava says:

    This blog is great. Solo traveling is something every person should do once in their life. I have never traveled solo, just to explore and meet new people. After reading this blog, I feel like I should start planning for it. And ask my friends to do it too! alone of course.Family and friends are fun to travel with, but sometimes being alone and exploring is the best. Thank you for this amazing blog!

  • Manya Gupta says:

    Once you are on your own, you will start discovering the importance of being yourself. Going to unknown places and destinations will help you to learn how to rely on yourself at difficult times. Travelling on your own means you get to choose the spots and locations you want to visit. It will vanish the fear of travelling alone. It will boost your confidence and you will be able to take decisions on your own. Thus, it is really awesome to give yourself a chance once to travel alone.

  • Maulik says:

    Amazing Post.

  • harshit chadha says:

    Really a worth reading blog. A single ticket means a ticket to unlimited freedom.
    You can do what ever you want to do without addressing others. I think that each and every person should travel solo atleast once in their life and experience the joy and happiness. I have never travelled solo but after reading this type of blog all I am thinking is now to plan a trip and enjoy the craziness and considering all the benefits of travelling alone.


    The content is very overwhelming and I can only accept the ingenuity ,accuracy and truth of it.
    What is written is true because since having had solo trips experienced I can acknowledge the facts shared.Its beautifully written and gives a beautiful sight to the thought.
    After reading it I can reassure myself of the experiences I had and can instil the fire and thought in many others to try out SOLO trip ;a trip that gives you a rendezvous with his or her ownself ,a time which we cherish forever.
    This blog is a sure boost up and a pep up and can augment the solo travellers more.

  • Erica D`souza says:

    I agree with all the reasons. Makes me want to pack my bags and hand a print out of this to my mom.

    Travelling alone is refreshing. You leave behind everyone you know and step out of your comfort zone to meet new, maybe even more interesting people, cultures and locations.

  • Yukta Garg says:

    “As you travel solo being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are”
    It’s sink or swim and you have to learn how to survive — who to trust, how to make friends, how to find your way around alone. That’s the greatest reward of solo travel: the personal growth. Each time you go away, you learn to become a little more independent, confident, and in tune with your emotions and desires.
    It is such a great piece of words put together to inspire solo travels.

  • Ankit says:

    I agree to all the mentioned reasons, and a well written blog.

  • Ashna Cicil says:

    I have nevr experienced a solo trip and also never had thought of doing it until i have read this blog. But at least once in life, everyone must fell for going somewhere else distant from ours and get relaxed from the worries and day to day tensions. Seriously i never had that courage to do so. But after reading this article i wish to try for a solo trip and explore the happiness of being exactly myself. Excellently pointed!! Great Inspiration!

  • Aakash Aggarwal says:

    Really good reasons for travelling alone. Thanks a lot!!

  • Mohan S Acharya says:

    Solo travel has always been on my mind.However, due to restrictions from all directions, I’ve never been able to embark on a journey that can help me understand myself better and explore in the true sense of the word. After reading your blog and the reasons you have quoted, I now feel confident of convincing those who do not believe that I can travel alone. Your blog has inspired me to travel without any strings attached. And with great assurance, I feel I will be travelling solo in the near future to discover and unearth myself.

    Thank You for sharing your thoughtful experience on travelling solo and making an impact.
    Travel is the most exciting part of our journey as Human beings and a Life without travel is a life wasted!

  • Swarnim says:

    Wow, I always knew that travelling alone can help one grow as a person but never knew that it can also help one find his/her soul. Such an inspirational and educational blog, as well as well written. I would love to experience all of these things when I travel alone.

  • Shivansh says:

    The reasons are absolutely true and this blog is so much inspiring for all the single women who want to explore the world but are afraid to do so.

  • Ashwini Belchada says:

    I believe that travelling with family and friends is fun, but travelling solo makes a person independent, helps him/her to discover and connect with his/her soul. Above all, it gives a wonderful experience of how beautiful the life is when explored alone without any hassels and tensions.

  • DEEPALI says:

    I agree and the blog is completely explaining the concept that why there is a need and why an individual should travel alone in life. At a certain age, this becomes very important for every individual to understand and know what is the importance of travelling in life. Whatever you have written is totally true and apt and also an example of boost up to those who are afraid of travelling.

  • Shriya says:

    Yeah! I totally believe solo trips is one of the best decisions made by anyone… It’s like finding yourself in faded lights going out on own without anybody…. You can loose control and be carefree enjoy the ‘me time’ relish it fortunately as you will be the master of your path making new friends (if you want) experience will be more meaningful and boosting up your confidence better traveler within budget and satisfied in end #GoSolo

  • Shruti Singh says:

    Could this be more true?
    I am 19 and I started traveling an year ago. Since I am in college right now and dependent on my parents, I obviously cannot travel to every place of the world. But this could never hold me back. I travel to places within the country by saving my pocket money. Even if I get a weekend to escape from my everyday life for just a day or two, I am all ready to go with packed bags. Solo traveling gives me peace of mind and when I discover myself while going through everything alone, I figure out that I am a lot more than I thought I was. It helps me in building myself for the next experience. It is amazing how we can just sit in isolation when we see the beauty of this world and make a stronger connection with ourselves and create a connection with new beautiful souls.
    This blog explains my experience in the right words.

  • Shrestha satpathy says:

    Solo travelling-‘ travelling alone’, scary It may sound, but the real perk of it can only be felt not explained.
    A girl with dreams, packs up and traveled alone, lived up with the locals, got acquainted to the new place and enjoyed. When this girl returned she returned beer ambitious, being self confident. Yes this is the crisp of solo travelling. You get to discover yourself. Your strength, your weaknesses. Not only this you get to know your inversely, you learn to trust people, you learn to communicate, you make friends thus you GROW.
    So bit weird it may sound but this blog heats up the traveller inside me to go travel and see the world… Wait for no one. Enjoy yourself

  • Shrestha satpathy says:

    *being ambitious
    *you get to know your inner self

  • Dewanshi Patil says:

    I can actually relate to this blog because of my own experience with solo traveling and it definitely sums up what I feel about solo traveling.

  • Dimple says:

    The blog really inspired to take “I LOVE MYSELF” kinda feeling on a next level.. All I can conclude after reading this is that The best company you can ever find is Yourself! 🙂

  • Shivani Kishnani says:

    Solo travelling is not just about discovering new locations, it is about discovering yourself. No article encapsulates this feeling better than this one. Someone once said that “If it excites and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try.” I wholeheartedly stand by this belief.
    When I first returned from my solo trip to Europe, I felt like I could conquer the world. That time was spent in calm reflection, friendly interactions with the locals, and wholesome touring. When you’re travelling alone, the experience becomes less about the pictures and more about being there in the moment.
    I was fearless, euphoric, unrestraint. And I was already looking forward to my next solo trip.

  • The idea of travelling solo always comes with a stingy thought of getting lost or stuck in miserable conditions, if not planned out accurately. But this article shoos away all those fears and jeopardizing thoughts from one’s mind, as it focuses upon bringing out the brighter side of travelling without anyone along your side.
    Though the article presents a very happy picture of solo travelling, with all the pros like, self exploration, independence, and witnessing new people and cultures. The only point where this article lacks rationality is, the perfect planning and safety to be taken care of while travelling all alone, because it can get a little too wild, unsafe and tiring . Do not forget that, while travelling solo you have to do all the things from lodging, bookings, eating and exploring all by yourself. But the world isn’t such a nice place all the times, so you have to up the level of of your preparations and itineraries before packing your backpack all alone.
    But nonetheless, this article provides a brighter side of travelling all alone , enough to boost the courage and will of people to explore not only the places but themselves too in an all new place.

  • Sumit Sharma says:

    Brian Millar,
    You’ve outdone yourself this time.
    This is probably the best, most concise step by step guide for those who are afraid for going a solo trip, In addition I’ll say that if traveling makes you a better, smarter person, then traveling solo(alone) makes you super-better and super-smarter. For any of you who may feel uncomfortable even sitting alone at a diner to have breakfast, taking a trip by yourself might seem daunting. Once you take the plunge and get over your fears, you’ll feel a sense of empowerment. A successful solo vacation can inspire you to tackle even more things in life you’ve been afraid to try.
    “And the Good Things of Flying Solo is it’s never boring”.
    Absolutely inspiring, loved this post.

  • Amit Gupta says:

    All the 5 reasons are true. After listening this reason I can’t wait to travel alone

  • POULOMI BAUR says:

    “Wanderlust”- this is what they call the desire to explore the world ,to travel, but only very few really knows how that feels.I truly am like Nellie in matters like this.People may call it an adventure but for me its not a mere adventure its about breaking the boundaries set by the society,about being the controller of your own choices,about meeting someone whom we haven’t seen for a while.The article truly is inspiring and thought-provoking.Convincing articles like this really boosts up ones confidence to pack their bag and bring out the route-map,and prepare for the journey within.

  • Tisha says:

    A wonderful synopsis of solo travelling that has creatively ignited a deep passion to gear up, and run towards an adventurous solo trip straight away.
    Kudos to your artistic blog!

  • naina says:

    sometimes finding the inner friend within you is more important. self love is the best love and by travelling alone we can all sure be our best friend. its always nice to have people around you but make sure to travel alone once and you would not only see things within you but also observe them.

  • Suchismita G says:

    Every single reason mentioned is true to the core. Solo travelling is a must for one to discover oneself beyond what you’re already aware of. It helps push yourself to the maximum. Loved the blog. Thank you for motivating shy and unsure travellers like me to go the extra bit and take a step towards self growth.

  • Anjali Singh says:

    I remember reading the bestseller book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and my heart being covetous of the protagonist- for she travels alone and lives in different cities like Italy, Bali. Solo travelling is marvelous! When just a simple short solo walk in the woods can bring you closer to yourself, then it can be imagined how awe inspiring would travelling alone be!

  • Tavneet singh says:

    Finding yourself in the rush of the life is thus important for the productivity and fulfilling one’s self actualisation needs .
    Travelling just not only provide you to enjoy intrinsic beauty of different places but helps you to rejuvenate your soul , mind and wrapping yourself in the peaceful surroundings .

  • Neelam Arya says:

    I am out of words to express the extent of my agreement with your precision on this blog.
    The thought of setting yourself off to some calm and serene place all by yourself has always intrigued me.
    It was seldom, but I don’t reckon a single time when this thought walked through my mind and didn’t leave me musing and I must emphasize that reading this blog has just triggered all those feelings back.
    We barely give a break to ourselves from the ongoing monotonous life of ours, but travelling works as a remedy that can heal up all the strain we accustom by fretting upon usual things in life.
    Exploring the diversity in nature and the cultures in various corners of the world is enough to begin with and meeting new people on the way sure helps maintaining the tranquillity and excitement.
    But the invigorating element is self discovery and besides it never hurts to have a little ‘me time’.
    With these reasons engraved in my mind, I may just pack up and take off to an incredible destination.
    I want to travel my troubles away all by myself some time soon!
    Thank you for such a fascinating blog, keep writing and inspiring people.

  • Vivek Bhagwani says:

    This is good stuff!
    I love the way this blog explains the relief of being out-of-control!
    As a solo traveler to most places I go to, I can testify that it will clear your mind and soul of worries like nothing else!

  • srivatsan says:

    I’ve never even thought of a solo-travel and I always had a sort of fear within me whether I could do it or not! But now the things are reversed. I badly wanna solo-travel now after reading this article! Amazing writing that helps us discover our self and endure for a solo travel! Thank you for such an inspiring blog.