Travel Community Membership for Life


Please read the description below.


The Remote Life (TRL) is a community of global millennials that travel, work & live together around the world. We are travelers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, photographers, bloggers, remote workers, developers, designers & many more.

This is a community initiative with the goal of connecting travelers globally who believe in the idea of experiencing things and meeting interesting people.

Community Benefits

1. Access to the exclusive email newsletter with updates, offers, remote work opportunities, events & meet ups around the world and giveaways.
2. Entry to any future program of The Remote Life (TRL).
3. Credit of $100 that can be applied towards any future TRL program you wish to join.
4. Bonus referral code for your friends and family. Give $50, get $50.
5. Support for your travels.
6. Share your story with the world through the TRL blog and social media.

To enable this, we charge a one-time non-refundable fee of $25/person.

This fee helps us cover administrative and software costs and pays the bills for our community managers who are always online to help you.

Please proceed if you think this is a justified fee and you are willing to pay $25 for lifetime access to TRL Travel Community.