15 Unusual Jobs That Let You Travel The World

“If traveling was free you would never see me again”

Obviously! But is travelling free? No!

It costs money and like any other passion, it takes time, energy & money to live the life you want to. But is it worth it? Hell yeah!!!

One solution is to work while you travel. Easier said than done, right? Digital Nomads are people who are location independent and have a job or a business that makes them enough money to support their travel across the world. But when you think about it, they are mostly software developers, bloggers, graphic designers or photographers.

We thought the same until we met a couple of really amazing people doing all sorts of unusual things to make a living while on the move. So we decided to write about some really interesting, unique and creative ways people travel the world and make money at the same time. Show them your love!

Fitness Trainer

Anastasiya Gorshkova

fitness youtuber remote ife

 Health freak who seeks to motivate and inspire people to stay fit and healthy through daily exercise. Born in Ukraine, spent 10 years in the banking industry, speaks five languages and helps women keep their bodies challenged and their minds engaged.

“Do as much research as possible in advance. You will face a lot of new and unexpected things as a Digital Nomad, especially at the beginning, but an advance research will definitely help you to adjust quicker to the exciting and ever-changing life as a Digital Nomad”

Travelling Actor

Inessa Kraft

inessa kraft remote life

Actor focusing on inspirational films, travel videos and hotel advertisements. She moved to Bangkok in 2008. A year ago started living location independently and has filmed in 13 cities all over Asia. Digital technologies allow her to record audition videos, present her portfolio and get jobs anywhere. A mother who believes in home schooling.

“Jog, hike, do exercises in a local gym, park or at home, don’t skip healthy routines. Eat healthy even if some days you have no kitchen; make sandwiches or wraps with good bread and veggies instead of buying chips or fast food. There are thousands of modern families traveling full time or living remotely with kids. If they can, what is holding you back?”

Mixologist & Rafting Instructor

Luke Matthews

rafting remote life

Thought traveling was a luxury most could not afford. His perspective changed after meeting a group of  people from humble backgrounds who had been all over the world. Has now been to 30 countries on 5 continents. His latest adventure includes trekking to the Mt. Everest Base Camp with his Dad.

“Don’t let yourself get so busy building a life that you fail to live one. Traveling and conquering distant landscapes would empower you to integrate with foreign cultures. The skills gained would echo in personal growth, both spiritual and professional. My advice to anyone who will listen is GO!”

Day Trader – Cryptocurrency

Udit Aggarwal

indian digital nomad remote life

Quit his 9-5 about 2 years ago after reading Time Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week. He is now a day trader working with emerging crypto-currencies and now is able to work from anywhere in the world.

“Start right away. Read Tim Ferris’s book! Living abroad and travelling internationally is probably cheaper than you think it is. Build a skill that is marketable on its own and not necessarily in a company.”

Psychic Author

Laura Powers

author remote life

Dons multiple hats. She is a podcaster, author and a speaker who has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, Motherboard Magazine by Vice, the Jet Set television show and many others. She travels to meet clients and has adventures all over the world. Find out more about her books about Angels, Spirits, and the After-life here.

“Be minimal with belongings, when you are hauling your belongings with you everywhere, anything extraneous starts to get cumbersome. Also get a phone number you can use anywhere through Skype or Google Voice with a phone that allows you to switch your sim card when traveling if necessary.”

 Yoga Instructor

Jen Wyatt

yoga instructor remote life

Nomad in making Previously part-time yoga instructor in Boston with a passion for wellness, nature and travel. She organizes yoga classes locally but travels as often as possible to satisfy her wanderlust. Now she is building an online business for yoga, wellness and retreats so there’s no stopping her.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What I have begun to achieve in my side business and my passion is the accumulation of a lot of smaller steps. Try not to let the big picture overwhelm you; just continue to put one foot in front of the other with persistence and determination!”

 Professional Engagement Ring Advisor

Rowena Cumner

agent engagement remote life

The Secret Engagement Ring Advice service which she runs remotely from her laptop has helped numerous couples. For years she’s been helping haphazard marriage proposers get it right; providing trusted and independent advice on engagement ring jewelry with diamonds only ethically bright.

“Visit co-working spaces wherever you are in the world to work: Gives you the best sociable bits of an office environment and focused work time. Build a network of other remote lifestyle entrepreneurs to act as the services you require e.g. Accountant, Lawyer, etc to ensure you minimize paperwork and can work from your laptop as much as possible.”


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skydiving remote life

She used to be a self employed clothing boutique owner before she decided to sell her belongings and decided to go see the world. Travelling solo across multiple continents for the last 10 months and went all the way up to the Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Loves reading and watching documentaries.

Everyone should go travelling, whether it’s for one month or one year, it’s an experience you’ll never regret. Don’t let your hesitation stop you. For me the people I have met along the way has been one of the best aspects of the whole experience.” 

Financial Analyst

Mayur Sontakke

Digital nomad India remote life

Working remotely for a startup for the last 3 years. Manages a remote team of financial analysts. Has been travelling with his job for the last 2 years. Mayur has spent a large part of the last year travelling and working from South East Asia with a mission to cover 50 countries before he turns 50.

Certain skill-sets make it easier for you to be a digital nomad. If you are keen to live this lifestyle, build and master some skill-set. Moreover, it’s about the mindset shift. It’s not common to live life on the road and go solo. Once you make up your mind for that, the world is your workspace!” 

Nomad Business Developer

Blanca Valbuena

blanca socialdraft remote life

Head of business development at a company building social media tools for teams. Working remotely has allowed her to live and experience the people and cultures of the world. From eating Balut in the beaches of the Philippines to sneaking into the Calcio Storico Fiorentino (with the players) it’s been an amazing ride for her.

“One piece of advice I can give to a DN who is getting started is to build habits. May sound crazy to think a DN can have a routine, but establishing one will help you to keep your head on straight and to create a balance between work, travel and your personal life. Use some system to keep track of the things you want to make sure you accomplish on a daily basis.”

Nutritionist & Bikini Competitor

Sammy Laney

hand stand remote life

Graduate in clinical exercise and physiology and INBA Bikini competitor. Radiating good vibes is her passion. Believes being happy is a combination of moving your body and your mind in new and exciting ways. Explore the world in its rawest form.

“Let go of everything you know, forget everything you’ve been taught and explore somewhere you never thought you would go, you will truly find a version of yourself, pay attention to details, be aware of your surroundings, trust your gut and message home once in a while, your mum misses you.”

 Fashion Advisor

Karen Klopp

karen klopp remote life

KK and her partner travel the world with a hot spot, a laptop and an iPhone and are able to work seamlessly in remote destinations. They run a digital boutique that helps today’s busy women dress for all of life’s events and travel at the same time, all the while donating a portion of its profit to charitable organizations.

 TV Producer

Dylan Welch

film production remote life

Quit his corporate job to work as an independent television producer. Originally from New York, lived in Italy for 2 years and moved to San Diego. Has produced two television shows which are currently being sold to network television and has been traveling and living the good life.

“Find a way to make money and focus on doing whatever that is. You quickly realize that life isn’t about having a massive bank account and working for 30 years. The freedom to do what you want outweighs making money at a job you don’t like every single time.”

E-Commerce Consultant

Gautam Naidu

Indian digital nomad remote life

Digital Nomad since 2010. Worked remotely for a company till 2015. Now he operates his own VA firm specialising in E-commerce consulting with a staff of 15 remote workers providing remote services globally. Travelling to Singapore- Vietnam-Thailand-Colombia-Bolivia in next 5 months. His goal is to retire by 36!

 Connoisseur of Bloody Mary

Shelley Buchanan

bloddy mary drunken tomato remote life

Travels the world in search of the absolute best bloody mary. Author of The Drunken Tomato book series which is a resource for everything one need to know about bloody marys. Creates and curates bloody mary related content from around the world. (Too much of Bloddy Mary isn’t it !?)

“Remember that your business decisions need to align with your intent for geographic freedom. When I set up the e-commerce section of my website, I held inventory, which was untenable when I was visiting a different city every week. Now I utilize drop shipping to fulfill my online orders.”

To start as a Digital Nomad all you need to know is this.

*There’s no right or wrong profession*

What do you like or what are you good at? Can you do it as a freelancer? Can you deal with your clients online, via emails or video conferences? Or can sell your services on the go? You know the answer, you too can travel and work remotely and there are always programs like The Remote Life to get you up & running (shameless self-advertising here). 

You still here, go pack your bags fella!

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