How To Maintain Your Vegan Standards While Traveling

Maintaining a vegan lifestyle is more than just limiting your diet to plants. It is a lifestyle. It is about your beliefs in where people fit in naturally on the planet. It protecting the planet we live on and our health.

Vegans can easily travel and enjoy delicious meals that do not contain animals or animal products as long as you know what to watch out for. We will give you some tips on how to eat around the world on a vegan diet and other travel tips to make your adventures fun and easy.

Travel Tips

Do Not Assume Waiters Know What Vegan Means

This is a problem everywhere. Many people mistakenly assume that a vegan and a vegetarian is the same thing. Many vegetarians will not eat meat but will partake in animal products like milk, eggs, and cheese. They sometimes will eat poultry and seafood as well.

If you simply ask a waiter if a sauce is vegan, he may say yes simply because it does not contain meat. Be more specific. Ask what is in the sauce. You do not have to explain why.  People with food allergies ask these questions often and he or she should be able to answer you.


Go To Popular Destinations

Even if you go off-season, you have a better chance of finding vegan-friendly restaurants where tourist visit often. If you go early or late in the tourist season in places like Ocean City, MD, you will not need to look for cheap hotels in Ocean City. You will find that many of the resort hotels offer very good rates for those dates. Staying in a resort hotel gives you options of prime restaurants in the hotel that are accustomed to vegan service.


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Great Flights With Low Prices and Personal Attention

If you have ever been stuck on a commercial flight with no vegan options, you know how frustrating that can be. You can only eat peanuts for so long.

Consider looking for a Deadhead Charter Flight. This is where a private plane was hired for a one-way trip. They have no one returning to their base location. You can snatch these flights at crazy low prices. You get the personal attention of a private jet with accommodations.

Eating Around The World

  • Italian Restaurants

    • Pasta with tomato-based sauces
    • Salad
      • Ask for breadsticks seasoned with a brush of olive oil instead of butter
    • Pizza
      • Any tomato based sauce with your choice of veggies
      • Many Pizzerias have soy cheese upon request
    • Italian baked eggplant


  • Mexican

    • Been enchiladas
    • Corn tamales
    • Burritos – stuffed with beans or beans and rice, potatoes, and salsa
    • meatless fajita
    • Chips and salsa


  • Chinese

Note: you will need to request that they not add eggs to your food. Also, they usually have a variety of tofu options if you ask for them.

    • Veggie and rice stir-fry
    • Veggie springs rolls or dumplings
    • Rice or noodle dishes with veggies or tofu


  • Middle Eastern

    • Pita pocket with veggies and tahini
    • Lentils and rice
    • Pita with hummus, soy cheese, veggies, shredded lettuce


  • Japanese

    • Veggie sushi
    • Vegetable rolls with cucumber, carrots, and avocado
    • Vegetable tempura
    • Udon Noodles

When you arrive at your destination, do a quick internet search for vegan restaurants. But, as you can see, there are plenty of options no matter where you travel.

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