Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to be a remote worker to be able to join The Remote Life?

Absolutely not. This is your experience and you decide what’s the best way to live it. We have designed the program to ensure that you can live in an entirely new place, like a local. Post that, it’s all on you. You can spend the day working and the weekends exploring or you could be contibuting your entire time at a local community initiative or you could take some time off and just relax. A day spent doing nothing, is a day well spent.

Can The Remote Life provide me a job or remote work projects?

We’re sorry but we cannot. We do not provide any jobs or freelance, remote work assignments. However, for those who join us on the program, we do our best to support them by establishing contacts with multiple organizations, startups and agencies. We have successfully helped a few people get remote work while traveling with us but it is not something we do professionally.

Can you work with my current employer to help me join The Remote Life?

Depends on your employer. We can definitely get on a call with your organization’s decision maker and walk them through The Remote Life process and try our best to get them on board but ultimately the decision is between you and your employer.


What are the accommodations like?

As a policy, we provide a single/private room for each participant in a hotel, villa or apartment depending on the location. All accommodation partners are verified and tested by our team. Depending on the destination, we may or may not have an in-house kitchen for you to cook. The accommodation would be close to our work spaces and we try our best to accommodate all participants in the same property.

Do I need insurance?

We would highly advise that you get a travel and/or health insurance before you leave for the trip. We hope you never have to use it, but better safe than sorry.

What is the food like?

Wherever you go, you will have the option of both breakfast and lunch everyday. We focus on a mix of local and global cuisines and try to accommodate most preferences. But if you’re looking for something specific, ask our local ambassador to point out the right places to eat.And yes, we will be throwing a welcome party for everyone on the day you arrive.

Are my flights included?

No. With people joining us from around the world and everyone having different preferences, airline miles and budget, we believe it’s best if we let you take care of your flights. Having said that, our team is available to help and support you in looking for the best flight that works for you.

What happens in an emergency?

Our Local Ambassador would be available with the group at all times during your trip. The ambassadors are fully trained to handle emergencies and know their way around. We would also be sending you a Destination Guide 2 weeks before your departure which would include, among other things, detailed emergency contact numbers, emergency phrases in local language and all embassy, hospital, police contact details.

How do I get my laundry done?

Laundry services are very easily available close to all our accommodations and very economical as well. Most services cost between $1-$5 for a bag full of laundry.

What are the work spaces like?

We have worked hard to identify the best work-spaces for our destinations. You will have full access to a space with high speed & reliable internet, backup electricity and 24×7 access. Dedicated Skype and meeting rooms are available in most locations. The work spaces are close to the accommodations. There will be frequent events, workshops or meetups organized that are optional for you to join.

What about my visas?

Most of our destinations have been hand picked to have a smooth visa process. When you apply, our applications team will guide you best based on your country of residence and choice of destination. During the trip, our local ambassador will be with you at all times to guide in case of visa troubles.

What about the local commuting and sight seeing or activities?

The program is designed to provide a balanced and fair experience for everyone. Which is all personal expenses like transportation, dinner & drinks, activities like surfing, scuba, cooking/language classes, temple tours etc are all on you. Our local ambassador will definitely talk to the entire group and see if anyone else is interested. We will also try to make the extra effort to secure a local vendor on your behalf. However, it is completely voluntary and self paid for everyone in the group.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely. Your pet deserves a nice vacation too. Just let us know in advance so we can make arrangements wherever required.

What if I want to join with my whole family?

You’re most welcome. It just means we’ll have to structure the program and pricing differently for your family. Do apply and let our applications team know so we can work it out.

What happens in an emergency?

Our Local Ambassador would be available with the group at all times during your trip. The ambassadors are fully trained to handle emergencies and know their way around. We would also be sending you a Destination Guide 2 weeks before your departure which would include, among other things, detailed emergency contact numbers, emergency phrases in local language and all embassy, hospital, police contact details.


How do I apply for The Remote Life?

You fill out a form to tell us more about yourself. We get on a call with you to see a fit. We confirm, you confirm. And then you fly out and meet us! That’s it. More details:

What are the dates or deadlines to apply?

We don’t have any deadlines to apply. However, most of our spots get filled at least 2 months in advance. That said, a lot of people who only want to join us for a week do come in at the last moment and we find a way to accommodate them as well.

Is there a fixed plan for everyday? What do people do?

This is your experience and we don’t get to decide what you do and when you do it. This is not a typical 5-7 day vacation package stuffed with full day activities and sight seeing. Our job is to setup a lifestyle for you in a remote location. After that it’s all up to you. Some people work during the day, some during the night. Few go out for weekend excursions and other’s relax on the beach with a drink. Completely your choice and up to the group to decide what to do.

How do you decide who gets to join the program and who doesn't?

We are not bad people and we don’t like saying ‘No’ to anyone. However, to maintain the right balance in each group, there are a few things we definitely look at:
1. Safety
2. Cultural Fit
3. Your understanding of how the program works.

If it’s all fine and we have available spots for your choice of destination, then welcome aboard!

For how long or short can I travel with you?

Minimum 1 week and maximum as long as you want. Most people join us for 2-4 months. There are a few who have traveled with us for 6 months at a stretch. They are practically family now. And there are also those who have work that’s not very flexible and they only join us for a week or two in between programs.

Can I join or leave in between if I have to?

Anytime. However you feel like.


How much does The Remote Life cost?

When you travel the world, you realize that every experience is unique in itself and you just cannot put a value to it. We do our best to keep all our trips economical and fair for everyone. A lot of our investment goes towards setting up the right infrastructure and partnering with really good accommodation facilities. Also included are the costs of local ambassadors and the backend support team to ensure a flawless travel and work experience for you.

With the hope of standardizing the prices, we have kept a fixed price of $2000 for all our trips to South East Asia and South America both. We don’t like cutting corners to save a few bucks because we are not in the business of selling you a trip once. We are here to build a community of people who love life the way we do.

How much additional expense would I have to plan for?

The actual expenses will vary according to the destination you have picked. You can ask our applications team to send you the Destination Guide which includes a detailed breakdown of living costs and expected expenses.

Can I not travel cheaper on my own?

We are sure that you can. Nothing is impossible in today’s world and if you put your mind to it, we are sure you will be able to travel cheaper on your own terms.

Traveling with TRL is different. For starters, we take the headache of planning, researching and organizing your logistics so you save countless hours which you can now spend on being productive at what you do best. Most importantly, at the end of the day, we are not just a group of travelers but a community of like minded individuals from around the globe who believe in building a lifestyle that allows us to travel, work & live anywhere. If you do go out on your own, please follow wherever we are and you can always drop in and meet us : )

Any other Discounts or Deals?

Absolutely. We don’t want anyone to lose out on an experience of a lifetime for financial reasons. We do our best to support you without making it unfair to either ourselves or others in the group. You can reduce your trip cost in the following ways:

1. Early Bird Offer – Confirm & pay at least 2 months in advance and we will waive off $100/month.

2. Bring your partner along to share a room and your partner gets 40% off their total cost.

3. Refer a Friend and for each successful referral both of you get $50 in TRL credit.

What's included in the cost of The Remote Life?

Your program cost covers all the following with variations based on your choice of destination:

1. Accommodation in a hotel, apartment or villa with a single, private bedroom for you

2. Full time access to a co-working space with high speed internet and electrocity backup

3. Daily breakfast

4. A welcome dinner with the whole group on arrival

5. Airport pickup and drop

6. A local SIM card on arrival

7. Local Ambassador available with you at all times

8. TRL backend support team for visa and flights assistance

9. Access to community meetups, workshops, sessions and seminars.

10. One surprise activity at each location. Imagine getting a complimentary Yoga session in Bali or food tour in Lima.

What is not included in the cost of The Remote Life?

Anything that cannot be applied to the whole group, has been intentionally left out to keep the costs fair and acceptable for everyone.The following are not covered by TRL:

  1. All flights
  2. Travel/Health Insurance
  3. Visa application/extension/renewal fees
  4. Local commuting, eating out and personal expenses.
  5. Drinking and smoking – we’ll go broke if we started covering this!
  6. Activities, adventures or excursions that you might want to take up personally.

What is the payment process?

Once we have confirmed your participation, you have to pay an immediate deposit of $500 to secure your spot on the program. This deposit is transferrable to any future program/destination if you feel the need to cancel. The balance payment is due 30 days before the start of your trip.


What kind of people take part in The Remote Life?

Our groups are balanced, creative, diverse and global and usually in the age range 22-35. There are all sorts of freelancers, entrepreneurs, startup teams, graphic and UI/UX designers, professionals, engineers, content writers and many more. We have even had a few intereting poker players. Our community is spread across the world and we have so many interesting stories to share.

What is our group size?

We make sure that the group size never crosses 15. Most of our groups are between 10-15 people with some traveling with us for longer duration and others joining as per convenience.


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