Frequently Asked Questions


  • No, we do not. Each member joins the program with their own job, business, consultancy or projects that allows them to work remotely.
  • We can help you transition into a remote work lifestyle or talk to your company, if it helps.
  • This a paid experiential travel program.
  • Simply put, the experience is worth every penny. This is not a holiday package.
  • We will take care of your travel logistics so you have a comfortable stay for 1 month in a different country with a small group of interesting people without any interruptions in your work.
  • The price of USD 1500/month includes
  1. Flights between destinations
  2. Your stay in a private room,
  3. 24*7 access to work space with high speed internet
  4. Airport transfers
  5. Visa, insurance & local SIM card
  6. Planned community activities & workshops.
  • We’re afraid but the costs are fixed for all participants of the program.
  • You can, however, opt for a shared room (instead of a private room) and you will get $150 off the monthly cost.
  • Our focus is on ensuring your comfortable stay.
  • Personal expenses are not covered by the program.
  • We have worked with our partners to include daily breakfast & lunch everywhere. Drinks & Dinner is on you 🙂
  • Local transportation, sight seeing and other paid activities would not be covered.

Cultural experiences and professional development are important parts of the experience. Throughout the journey we will be engaged in community impact events, knowledge sharing and lifestyle workshops ranging from brand building to learning a new language.

  • Once you sign up on the website, we will send you an application form for your details and preferences.
  • Soon after our team will get in touch to discuss your application.
  • A final decision will be made in the next 2 days and you will receive a confirmation.
  • Post that we will keep a spot reserved for you for 5 days till you make the advance payment (50% of your total cost).
  • We are aiming for a diverse, balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions.
Flights between destinations includes your travel between Indonesia, Cambodia & Thailand.
Flights from and to your country of origin are not covered.
If you choose to come for more than 1 month, the flights between your itinerary destinations would be covered.
  • All applicants are verified through public social profiles and we personally talk to everyone before finalizing.
  • Our team would always stay with the group throughout the journey.

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