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My first journey was in childhood. We sat with my father, looked at the world map and he told me about different countries. In my child imagination, I was transferred across the ocean, over the mountains to the tropics, to the glaciers and urbanistic city. It was one of my favorite activities. That time has gone, things have changed, but not my love for travel. I cannot describe how much I love to know new countries, cultures, traditions, mentality and food. In the words of Saint Augustine: “Life – a book and who do not travel read only one page of her.” And I want to read all the pages of this book!

Currently I have visited 8 countries and this is the beginning of my journey!

4 of 8 countries – including Asia, and now I will share with you how i was changed by Asia, what my impressions were, and whether I will go there again.

maria asia vietnam

   Anecdotes from

Thailand | Cambodia | India | Vietnam

It all began with the Kingdom of Thailand. Why did the choice fall on him? I do not know, but maybe every traveler chooses it from heart, without even knowing it. It is in this way that I went to Bangkok. Incidentally, the name of the city was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest. It sounds: Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathitdo don’t try to repeat this! 🙂

Thailand`s Heart met us the night city lights and heat. We knew that we would be arriving late at night so we had pre-booked a transfer – usually it’s Kiwitaxi. This is very comfortable in an unfamiliar country. My first impression of Bangkok – noisy, cramped, despite its size, the city had a terrible smell of street food, and many pink taxis. This is a very expressive city.

maria asia thailand
maria asia thailand

Later, I had visited stunning palaces, skyscrapers and Buddhist temples. I will never forget buses without windows and with loud music playing. As well as the moment when I first tasted tropical fruits, such as mangosteen, dragon eyes, lychee and others. At least it is worth it to go to Asia. Maybe next time I will tell you more about this city, because there are so many interesting sights/things!

Sleepless from a huge and modern Bangkok, I went to an island far away from civilization. Koh Chang amazed me with their primitive. Yes, along the coast there are a lot of hotels, restaurants and cafes, but if you delve further, you can catch the misery of the people. Food is still cooked on the fire, and their home is a torn bags strung on twigs of trees. And you know, in spite of this they are smiling, they are kind and helpful. It touched my soul forever. I began to appreciate everything I have. In general, the Thai people are calm. They are always in a Sabai state and while there, inadvertently, they become the same – quiet, humble, and calm. From this island, you can go to another one, even more virgin, I assure you will admire its beauty.

I can write endlessly about such a multifaceted Thailand.

Sabai-Sabai, Sanuk, Suai.

Continuing my Asian adventure.

maria asia cambodia

The next Asian discovery for me was Cambodia. After visiting this country once, you will never forget it. It’s like the illustrations for the Jungle Book.

In the morning, we arrived in the Siem Reap airport, and in the afternoon we were already at the hotel. New hotels look very contrasted against the background of the ordinary life of Cambodians. Unfortunately, they are poor people in terms of finance, but are rich in inner world and smile.

Khmer cuisine is usually coconut soup, rice, and seafood. Sometimes they add weed to food and tourists like it 🙂 And I was surprised when instead of bread, I was brought a huge plate of rice. Food is very cheap. For example, a few years ago it was possible to eat a full meal for about $10-20.

I really love to eat delicious food, but I came to Cambodia not only for food!

A lot of people probably saw pictures of famous Hindu temples, giant trees, and jungles –  it was my dream to see these! And, you know, when I was there, I was amazed. I seem to have moved many centuries ago. There really are a lot of temples from which my breath stopped. While you walk, you can imagine how the princess had been going out and sitting down on her elephant.. Yeah, for a royal person, there was special “elephant parking”.

maria asia cambodia

How did they do it all, in the past, cutting on the stone, buildings, and statues of the Gods. It’s all embedded in a deep philosophy. Just Angkor Wat what’s worth! The temple was complex and dedicated to the Vishnu. It was built in the early 12th century, and now it is one of the most important archaeological monuments of the world.

In no less amazing Angkor Thom, you can observe not only the many-faced God of compassion, which is carved on each tower and aimed in all directions, but also the Khmer’s love to the dancers. I even bought myself a stone statue of a dancer.

Ta Prohm was given to the mercy of the jungle. It’s just indescribable! The roots of the trees rise up  to the sky for approximately 10 meters. By the way, it had become famous after the film about Lara Croft.There’s a lot to wonder about: a village on the water, people who do not have money to pay for land, a crocodile farm, clean beaches without an excess of tourists.

Walking monks in orange robes, buffaloes and, I happened to see a whole lake of wild lotuses, it was fabulous! I had goose bumps almost the entire time in the Khmer land.

And one eyewitness is definitely better than two hear-says’s.  You will understand everything yourself!If you ever go to Thailand and Cambodia, you come back a different person, as that is what happened with me. I’ve always liked yoga but after returning from those countries, I took it seriously and even began to teach other people. I immersed myself in Buddhism and became a vegetarian. I cleared my mind, my body and was happy


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After arriving in a new country and leaving the plane, the first breath of air is always so different, and this is how my journey began.

 I had wanted to go to India for a long time, not only because it has the longest coastline and because it is also the birthplace of yoga. I lived in the south of Goa and, to everyone’s surprise, the cow did not walk on the beach. But in India cow is really everywhere, because it is a sacred animal to the Hindus – they do not kill them. Cows wander like stray dogs. I saw the situation when I had traveled to a nearby town. A cow laid down on the road and everybody drove around it. This is part of India.

maria asia india dress

It was very dirty, therefore, those who are too squeamish would not be comfortable. Generally, Goa is a small state compared to other such tourist area of India. The beaches are great including cheap food with my favorite tropical fruits.

When I left of Goa – in the state of Karnataka, I saw the poverty of the people again and the beauty of nature. And if you go further inland, local kids run to you, watching with interest and curiosity as they want to touch you. Hindus have a belief: if the baby is supported in the arms of  “white” man, the baby will be happy. Therefore, we are to some extent their hope.

maria asia india

Road traffic in India is just a killer. I was very scared to travel by shuttle from state to state. Drivers ride from heart, as the rules of the road do not exist 🙂 The farther from Goa you go, the harder it will be to find a normal meal.

Beaches in India are beautiful. When moving to the south Goa beaches become emptier. If you like to be alone and  to contemplate, it is the most suitable place.

Residents have different positiv. They get pleasure from the most ordinary everyday activities, they are cheerful and do not get upset over challenges. While staying with them, I was infected by this. I began to look at problems from a different angle, and to indeed look at life differently.

India – the country was so colorful! At least once in life you have to visit. Namaste.

   The spirit of Asia remain in you for a long time, and maybe even forever.

maria asia thailand

 Vietnamese – small stature people with broad smile. The country still has the hovering spirit of the USSR. Their food is not too spicy, which is surprising for Asia. In Vietnam, it seemed to have more mountains than in the previous countries and less jungle – the views were scenic.

In Nha Trang, there were many entertainment venues and delicious food. In Dalat, a painter house had impressed me. For creative people, it’s can be a source of of inspiration.

Usually we took a moped and went to the mountain. The traffic is certainly crazy, but after leaving the city , it was quite calm. Outside, the tourist area is a completely different life: single houses, rice paddies, fishermen’s villages and barefoot children who look at you like a monkey, because for them the Europeans are something new.

They are all incredibly friendly. When I came back, I wanted to smile to all and to be friends with everyone. Vietnam – the incredible country with excellent sea, beaches and kindness in the air, despite all that they had to go through in this country.

maria asia vietnam

Friends, Asia is the place where you will come back a different person. Asian spirit remains in you for a long time, and maybe even forever. Many have realized this, and now a lot of Europeans can be seen in these countries. Different ages, different occupations: some work, some go daily to new places to find themselves and some just enjoy the sun and fruit, while others enjoy it all together. And you know, they are absolutely happy! In Asia, it is extremely rare to find a surly, evil man.

My journey through Asia will definitely continue, because I have not discovered Bali’s waves, the air of Nepal, Singapore Drive and much more!

And remember the words of Anatole France: “Travel teaches more than anything else. Sometimes one day spent elsewhere gives more than ten years of his life at home.” I absolutely agree!

Dare to use every chance!

Love and travel from the heart!


About the Author

My name is Maria Anoshenkova and I was born in Russia. I prefer the warmer weather rather than the cold and i wanna get out of the freezing temperatures.

I’m crazy about travelling. And sometimes I think about traveling around the world! Maybe it will come true one day! 🙂

So, also I like everything about PR, marketing, good advertising and  graphic design.

So guys, let’s travel and enjoy every single day! Maybe we will meet in one country some day!

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    An amazing review for those who are planning to take a long relaxing family holiday. it is like a visual tour through words, alluring the travelers to waste no more time, pack their bags and start the trip which about which they always imagine.

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    The review was amazing and anybody who hadn’t been to Asia will be curious enough to visit Asia because of the tremendous way it is being described. And of course Asia is rich in culture, colorful, diverse and in one word Asia is “incredible”.

  • Kiren says:

    Good Job Maria! A rare, brutally honest but beautiful review nevertheless. It felt like 360 degree virtual tour through words. Every place like every person has its positives & negatives, As a traveller one should see beyond the pretty photoshopped vacation pictures & also the terrifying images the media tries to feed us.
    FYI-I didn’t heed your warning & tried saying the longest city name. I failed miserably.


    For everyone reading this, sometimes words can put you in dilemma what to do and what not but in short if you want to discover the truth visit here and it will make all the difference, you will not regret to have a visit here.
    Thank you

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    Thailand, Cambodia and India- what an intriguing trifecta of South-east Asian cities and cultures! It’s been a childhood dream to see the great temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

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    Could totally relate to the experience as I’m from India myself! And about the other countries? Reading those words about the different places have lifted my spirits to never stop to love travelling. Hope you continue to make us a part of your journey by sharing your experiences!

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    Masha!! My name is Masha too!! Or as I say “Mariya” sometimes :))
    I am also crazy about travel. I spent 7 years traveling, 4 of those years living in Thailand studying Buddhism. We should definitely connect sometime. How can I contact you personally and hear more about your journey? Spaciba ^___^

  • Maria says:

    Thanks everyone for kind words)
    I hope you are well and getting on travel.