10 Benefits of Becoming A Freelance Writer and Traveling the World

Freelance writing jobs online are among the most popular work options for graduates and people already in employment. If you have always wished to work and travel, freelance writing is the perfect opportunity.  All you need it good writing skills, a laptop computer and a good internet connection and you are ready to work as you explore the world.

Here, you will find the benefits of working as a freelancer and how it can help you travel to your dream destinations across the world.

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The demand for high-quality content is high today. There are multiple openings for writers in blogging, copywriting, social media content writing, editing and proofreading, web copy creation among others.  As you continue creating a reputation, more clients will come your way,and you will have enough money to live on as you travel.


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Write on the Go

The best thing about freelance writing is the fact that you can write from any location as long as you have a good internet connection. Whether you want to see the Grand Canyon or you always had dreams of visiting Pompeii in Italy, it is now possible to create content while traveling.

Freedom and Control

Freelance writing gigs offer you the freedom and control you can never get while working an office job. You have total control over the quantity of work you can handle and the hours.  As you travel the world, you can create a schedule to ensure you meet any deadlines without a lot of stress.

Write About Your Travel

Many clients online are after high-quality travel blogs, and you can leverage your trip to make more money on the side. If you have great writing skills, it is possible to create blogs out of your real life experiences and use these for your blog or sell them to travel-related websites.  As a travel writer, it is possible to have your cake and eat it because you savor the greatest destinations and still make money from it.

Work on Interesting Topics

Freelance writing saves you from the monotony of working behind a desk and doing the same thing every new day. As a freelance writer, you can choose the most interesting topics and make good money while at it. If you always had an interest in fashion,for instance, you can make money creating content for fashion bloggers. You will never have to stress yourself during your trip about boring content.

Join an Active Community of Freelancers

According to a report published on Forbes, the number of freelancers increased to over 40 million in 2017. Other studies estimate freelancers make 34% of the U.S workforce. If you want to join this industry, you will have many mentors in any line of work you choose. There are hundreds of freelance writing forums where you can get inspiration and tips on becoming a better writer.

Work From Anywhere

How would you like to work in your hotel room or the beach? Not many workers have this opportunity and this is one of the benefits you can only enjoy as a freelance writer. You can work from home,or if you wish to travel, your laptop is all you need.

Travel With Family

Work-life balance is a big problem for most employees and this has led to a breakdown in many relationships. As a freelance writer, you have more time for family and you can even travel with them and continue writing while on vacation. You only need to put in a few hours every day and spend the rest of the time with your family.

Financial Independence

It is easy to set financial goals when working as a freelancer. For instance, if you expect your financial needs to go up, it is easy to pick up more writing gigs. You can also negotiate better rates with clients as you build your profile.


Many people have to force themselves to wake up and go to work every day. Not so for a traveling freelance writer. You have a lot to look forward to every new day as you see new places during your trip.

Still wondering why more people have taken up freelance writing? It is a great opportunity to make your traveling dream come true.