10 Best Things To Do in Orlando

The United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the world, if not the biggest country in the world. Holding 50 states all across North America, the country is proud to be a superpower having a major impact on the United Nations. Not just politically, US hold its pride even in tourism and exploring new ways to attract people from all around the world

Orlando, also known as “The City Beautiful”, is the city of love, respect and a ton of fun places to go to. Orlando rests in the state of Florida in the United States of America. It is also the County State of Orange County in Central Florida. It is one of the most visited cities in the entire world as it is home to major events and ceremonies that attract tourists and sightseers from all around the world. The City Beautiful is one of the busiest cities in America due to its popularity and significant conferences and conventions.



With tons of fun places to go to, this Central Florida destination is chock full of the best theme parks, attractions, and family-friendly diversions – all within easy reach of (what might be) the best hotels in Orlando and the surrounding area. If you’re planning a visit… etc.


1. The Walt Disney World Theme Park Resort


First and foremost, people fly over to Orlando from all across the globe just to meet their favorite Disney cartoons. The Walt Disney World Theme Park Resort is a moment to capture. Getting in touch with your favorite animated characters is truly a child’s biggest dream. This dream can be fulfilled only in Orlando that holds the Walt Disney World Theme Park. It is not just an ordinary theme park, and this theme park is Universal’s greatest site. Your favorite Toy Story character on a roller coaster is the best thing for which you could ask ever. Once you feast your eyes onto this Magical Kingdom, you will truly be energetic away into the world of animation and adventure.


2. Kennedy’s Space Centre


If you are a fan of life beyond this planet, if you want to learn more about galaxies and black holes and aliens, then Kennedy’s Space Centre is just what you were looking. Kennedy Space Centre is the living Encyclopedia for Space, where you can acquire knowledge about other planets and space without reading books. You can just see what NASA (the biggest Space related federal Agency in the world) is up to and how they have achieved this immense success.


3. The Chocolate Kingdom


Ever wondered how lucky Charlie was, to get an opportunity to visit the chocolate factory? Are you also in search of a Golden Ticket to meet Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas? Once you are in Orlando, you can visit The Chocolate Kingdom and visit the sweetness of the origin of chocolate, just like Charlie did. Orlando allows you to take a tour to the chocolate factory and learn more about the delicious realm of chocolate and how they are made and manufactured.


4. Titanic: Artificial Exhibition


The most iconic movie in the world, Titanic lives in the hearts of many. Every adult wishes to be part of something this big or learn more about the ship as the movie was just not enough. The Titanic: Artificial Exhibition will show you what the reality was and what the movie portrayed on its own. Sail back to the times where Rose said “I will never let go, Jack” and learn more about the entire scene and the creation of the ship of the century.


5. Sea Life


The question that is in the brains of every child is there a Sea Life? Yes, Sea Life is real, and it is just in Orlando. Dive deep in the middle of the ocean where you can meet lots of new types of marine animals. You can learn new things about sharks and fishes and let the experts solve all your queries about marine life.


6. H20 Live


Central Florida’s newest Water Park is now fully constructed. The H2O live is where you want to be when the scorching sun is burning you. The H20 is a water park with rides that will whisk you away from all the tension and the pressure from schools or office. People of all ages are welcome here to have a fun day out with their family and friends.

7. Wild Florida Wild Life Park


Want your inner wildlife photographer to shine? Come to Wild Florida Wild Life Park and meet the exotic animals from around the world. Based in Orlando, this is the place packed with nature’s finest art. The animals are nicely taken care of and will surely entertain you throughout your trip.


8. ATV Rental:


Want a bit of action on your trip? Hop on to an ATV in the ATV rental based in central Florida and drive across 230 meters of trailblazing track. Show off your stunts in this ride and experience what your favorite BMX ride game would feel in real life. The high ramps and jumps will surely boost your adrenaline.


9. Madame Tussauds Orlando: Celebrity Wax


Attraction Want to hang out with all of your favorite celebrities? Madame Tussauds Orlando: Celebrity Wax Attraction is where you want to be. Now you can meet not only the likes of Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber but also Superman and Steve Jobs. Appreciate the art of handmade wax figures by stopping by this exhibition and supporting these talented individuals.


10. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure


The trip isn’t over yet. The perfect dinner date is where you get to see a dramatic show at your dinner table. Meet Captain Sabastian and his Black Pirate Crew in Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. Take a look at thrilling performances that include action, drama and romance all at the same time.



All of these ideas will surely help you plan your next trip to the US wisely. The US surely is a fan of tourism and to support this argument, a survey was carried out by Euromonitor International that showed that America stands within the top 10 countries to visit. The city of Orlando welcomes every one of their guests with honor and gratitude. Orlando appreciates tourists and is more than happy to serve them with the finest quality of art and give them an experience of their lifetime.